Both hairstylists and fashion designers have prepared some interesting trends for this year. Whether it’s a classic comeback or a new innovative trend, 2018 is sure to be a year of contrasts when we talk about hair. We’re bringing you news found on the best fashion blogs of 2018.

  Natural Curls


Last year this trend encountered a total obsession on curly and natural textures. And if you were “born this way” ?, good news, this style is going nowhere in 2018.
Solange’s favorite hairstylist, Vernon Francois suggests to use directly your fingers instead of brushing a textured hair in order “to preserve the natural curl patter, unless if you deliberately going for the undefined look”.

Credits: Imax Tree

  Nirvana Blonde

The trend started with Selena Gomez and it will be huge this year. This one is going directly on the top hairstyles in 2018.

Hairstylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri have come with this look inspired from the legendary Kurt Cobain. Also called Dirty Blonde, you can achieve it with a soft platinum tone, it’s easy on your roots and even more good news: it will last you longer than other colors so forget the salon for next 2-4 weeks.

Credits: Imax Tree

  Spring Fairy Look

This year you can fantasize as long as you want as Phillip Plein is giving you the chance to experiment with a hairstyle taken from fairytales.
You can be whatever you want: a magical fairy, an almighty goddess, Mother Nature itself or just a gal with a feminine powerful personality. Add a rainbow of colored flowers in your braid; you can oversize it with extensions and you’re ready to conquer the world.

Credits: Mansur Gavriel

Wet Look with a Twist

We know all about it from 2017, but this year it comes closer to a natural look. Stylist Larry King says that this trend will be more easy to attain and “it’s a softer version and less harsh than poker a straight finish.” It can be used with a slightly wavy hair, as the result came down directly from runways. A great high-end look easy to obtain for when you travel, too. 

Credits: ImaxTree

  Scrunchies Are Officially Back

And it’s all because of Laurent Phillippon. It can sound as a ‘90s nightmare, we all know that old, puffy things but this time stylists assure us will be better. Or not?
Laurent Phillippon, hairstylist at Bumble and Bumble has launched the trend
at the Mansur Gavriel runway. “When I heard scrunchie, I was like, ‘Ahhhhhhh!’ It is my nightmare,” he explained in an interview for The Cut “But actually no. It’s done in a very cool way.
The hair is caught in a loose and relaxed way while the fabrics are made of vintage Italian materials- prints and periwinkle.
You can find them at the brand’s store in NYC at $35 for one piece. Would you wear one?

2 Small Viking Braids

Odile Gilbert suggests to “create extra volume by using your fingertips to tease the hair”, but only after adding the two little braids on each side- keep everything together with a good amount of mousse and finish the look by applying dry shampoo. One of the best hairstyles of this year.

 Feminine and chic

This year, Victoria Beckam goes for a simple half-up bun while leaving your hair to freely flow near the shoulders. The result is an effortless yet elegant classic.

As we can see, the top hairstyles in 2018 combine both feminine and chic looks with bold innovative ones. The rule is to feel good and start experimenting. Let’s have a fun year together.

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