Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to plan your perfect date. There are a lot of ways of saving money and preparing your better half an unforgettable day.

If you want to prepare a Valentine’s Day on a budget but still make it original, fabulous, adventurous and fun take a look at this list.

  Last Minute Romantic Holiday

Days when you had to plan a perfect weekend escape with a month before are long gone. Now all you have to do is to find the perfect deal. You can have up to 70% OFF no matter if you book the trip only one-two days before. No matter if you choose a trip abroad, countryside, mountain or the sea, this would be a great way to surprise your partner.
Amount spent: $250-500

Massive Ideas for Valentine's Day on a Budget

 Breakfast in Bed 

If you spend this day at a hotel, its staff will help will do everything for you, but if you two spend it at home it’s your chance to start the day BIG. And you don’t even have to spend a penny. Search what you have in your fridge and look up for food photography to decorate it in an artistic way. That’s all. Make your morning pancakes with cream or eggs with ham look fabulous adding small details. You’ll surely impress your partner.
Amount spent: $0

Massive Ideas for Valentine's Day on a Budget

 Surprise Her with Flowers at Work

This can be the fastest plan you can make for your Valentine’s Day on a budget. I found this company which will have your back even on the morning of 14th. It will help you choose and deliver a majestic bouquet at home, work or anywhere you need, available in US and Canada. Isn’t this cool?
Amount Spent: from $19.90

roses Massive Ideas for Valentine's Day on a Budget

 Be Spontaneous

Show your love your adventurous side even if you plan to stay in the city. Change the usual restaurant dinner with a whole day at the amusement park. This will fill you both with adrenaline and would make it a fun lasting memory.
PRO TIP: Don’t forget to add the photobooth,  candyfloss, heart-shaped balloons on the list.
Amount spent: from $10

amusement park Massive Ideas for Valentine's Day on a Budget

 Original Romantic Dinner

Even if you don’t know how to cook, it’s alright. There are a lot of step by step recipes online that can facilitate your learning process. For instance, check this amazing free cookbook for unlimited ideas. No matter if you delight your partner with a fancy steak-and-wine dinner or try something totally new, that is the place to check new recipes.
PRO TIP: Serve it in an unusual place, meaning anywhere else from the dining table.
Ex: your backyard (add some fairy lights or floating candles in the pool to intensify the romantic vibe.
Amount spent: from $0


Massive Ideas for Valentine's Day on a Budget
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 Recreate Your First Date 

This is the surest way to show your appreciation to your partner. Create a special invitation and put it in the mailbox with the specification: open on Feb 14th.
Then write all the details you remember from your first date and add romantic details like how his/her eyes sparkled, different small things you noticed that will accentuate how precious you hold this memory. Finally, invite your partner to the place you met for the first time or your first official date.
Amount spent: 0$

Massive Ideas for Valentine's Day on a Budget

 Print Your Love Out 

These are some really cute and cheap Valentine’s Day ideas. We prepared a special board for you on our Pinterest with free printable Valentine’s tags. For everyone. Your spouse, kids, friends, teacher or anyone you want to share this special day with. Add them on candy, small gifts or get as creative as you wish with them.
Amount Spent: $0

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No matter if you choose to make a Valentine’s Day on a budget remember that it only matters how much passion you add to this day dedicated to the celebration of love. Small gestures can have a huge impact on others so let your creativity loose and enjoy this amazing day.

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