Owning a car comes with several expenses. Check out these awesome car hacks that will save you lots of serious money.


Be the First to Find Out Latest News 

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If you’re thinking of buying or upgrading your car, you’re going to do some serious research. Only if you don’t know about this site, where you’ll find everything you want to know about any brand. You can find offers for new and used cars, too, within your area.

Here you’ll be helped to find best deals on car loans, insurances, warranties and much more.

You’ll also find updates about any new car that appears on the market with everything you need to know about it.


Save 50% on Your Insurance, Fast

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This is how you can save time and money, too. The Zebra is the place to go if you want to get rates from hundreds of insurers including the top companies. Results are shown in seconds and you are able to “understand your insurance options and make it easy to purchase your policy quickly”.

Choose the right policy regardless your credit score and driving history with this company, as it’s totally free.


 Get Helped to Choose the Right Car, New Or Used, For Free

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This is one of the best car hacks you’ll find. Car experts are ready to match you with the best auto loans no matter what your credit situation is. Get free useful advice and be assisted through the whole buying process.

The company has a wide network spread throughout all USA. Get help in choosing the best lender, then you’ll be contacted to make arrangements to visit the dealership. It’s a very fast and easy way to get your loan in no time.


Extend Your Car Warranty in Seconds

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With Platinum Auto Warranty you’re saved by paying extra cash after your warranty expires. It can save you up to 60%. The form is super easy to complete and you just have to fill in your car’s brand, year and your name. They’ll send you an email with all the info you need afterwards.

The firm is recommended by Forbes, Fox News, ABC and many more.


Forgot Where You Parked Your Car? 

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Now you can totally forget about this problem with this. There’s an app that will remember the spot for you. iParkedHere will help you by using a GPS, image captures and even notes if necessary.

You don’t need to sign up, just turn on location service when you want to mark your parking spot or if you wish to see where you are in reference to where you parked. One of the best car hacks. Ever.


Get Insurance Advice For Free, in 1 Minute

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There are so many options out there that can make your head dizzy. What is the best insurance for you after all? Best Auto Insurance will compare prices and coverages for you, based on your budget and wishes.
They have an easy process where you can get a competitive quote from all the major insurance carriers in less than a minute.

They will help you with liability, comprehensive, collision, medical and personal injury and uninsured motorist coverages and will make it very simple for you.



 Clean Foggy Headlights Super Fast, Easiest of All Car Hacks

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Have you heard of this hack? Forget about taking your car to the car wash every day, you can save up some cash by cleaning it yourself. Apply some toothpaste (whitening recommended) on the plastic lens cover and rub it with a cloth. You’ll end up with perfectly clean headlights in less than 3 minutes.


Get Assistance on the Road

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You’re planning months for a fun trip. You’re having lots of fun, making memories and living in the moment when your car breaks down. What do you do then?

This company will get you covered as if offers roadside assistance included in its range of options. Besides other options, you’ll get nationwide protection, mechanical, electrical and engine parts covered, along with free quotes.


Defrost Your Car Lock in Less than a Minute

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Has it snowed overnight? It’s morning and you’re hurrying up to work, half asleep when you find your door locked completely frozen? A fast way of solving it is using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It will break down the ice and the squirt style bottles make it easier to insert the content into the lock.

Ensure Both Your Home and Car Simultaneously

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This will guaranty to save you lots of time and money, and get rid of unnecessary stress. With Liberty Mutual, you’ll be able to save up to $782 and you can choose what you want to insure. They have multiple options like new car replacement, multi-policy discount, 24-h roadside assistance, everything with free quotes.



Owning a car CAN and SHOULD BE a fun process no matter the papers, warranties, and coverages you need. These few hacks will make easier for you to keep a positive attitude towards everything that happens. It can all be fast, cheap and convenient after all.



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