When your window shows the image of a winter wonderland outside people prefer to stay indoors with family and friends. But if you’re the type that always sees opportunities where others only see stoppers, this is your chance.

Have you ever thought how this weather can come useful to your bank account? Let’s see how you can take advantage of what other avoid doing and earn easy money.

 5 Super Tricks to Earn Easy Money in Winter

With this weather and white fluffy blanket covering the whole world these days, let’s see how can you transform your creativity and time into real cash by just doing simple fun tasks.

1. Shovel Your Way Through 

Yes, you guessed that right. Offer your services to shovel the snow on your neighbors’ front roads.
And if they want their garage path shoveled, that’s extra cash. If they forgot their car out in the snow, that’s extra. You got the point.

You can even call yourself the administrator of the neighborhood. You’ll say you want to keep your neighborhood looking nice and be organized. Of course, you’ll ask some fees for your services. How much, that depends on you, but it’s usually paid for $25-$75 per hour

2.  Become Handy Jack 

As Christmas has just gone by, you can do help your neighbors take off their Christmas lights and decorations. And to offer your services before next Christmas, so they would know to whom to come to when they need help. It’s that easy. 2-3 hours of work will put some good cash in your pockets. So that how you can earn money in winter, no matter if it’s before or after Christmas.

3. Run Errands

If there’s a snowstorm in your area, you can help people by buying for them the things they need, from groceries to medicine or even firewood. You can volunteer to do that for the elderly or people with disabilities and can’t do that for themselves, as you know, a good deed always has an echo. That’s how you’ll get some publicity as the word of mouth is more powerful and builds more trust than other media tools.

4. Offer Rooms to Stranded Excursionists

If you’re comfortable with the idea of renting, you can help people stuck in your town in airports or train stations to familiarize with your town vibe. You can find people through sites like Trip Advisor or Airbnb

That’s a great way of making friends, memories and also earning money in winter. Or you can opt for Couch Surfing where you’ll house your guests for free and you’ll be able to travel to their place and experience what their hometown offers, for free.

5. Sell Your Winter Photos

No matter if you’re a passionate photographer or not, winter offers unique sights, no matter if you’re in a big town or near beautiful mountains, plains or rivers. You’ll definitely have some breathtaking pictures if you put your mind into it. And if you want them shared with the whole world, that’s going to have you earn easy money.

You can go to sites like Shutter Stock or iStockPhoto and earn $1 per sold picture.

And you want to improve your photography techniques, you can always check up these free courses: Basics of Photography, The Complete Guide; Introduction to Photography and Related Media or Phlearn, a platform used by many talented photographers.

So you can see, there are lots of ways to earn money in winter for all tastes. No matter if you’re the creative type, the action man or the friendly one, you’ll find ways of socializing, being useful and earning money at the same time.

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