As Woman’s Day is near, many of us think what to buy in order to create a really unique memorable gift. It’s important to remember that small gestures can move a person much more than any expensive presents.
No matter if you want to buy a specific gift, to create a beautiful moment at a restaurant or event, or to put your imagination to work, you have many options to leave your better half or mother speechless. There are many ideas you can choose from.

Classical Flowers with a Twist 

woman's day
Credit: Matthew Henry

Giving flowers to a woman is the eternal sign of love, appreciation and respect. You can put your personal print into it by adding your poem or ordering the bouquet in a specific form that means something for her. No matter if you forget this detail, you can order it the same day and it can be delivered in all US, so this is an easy task.

My suggestion: If you want to add chocolate to that, you can choose from multiple ideas: a classical box of chocolates or 1m long chocolate bars. You can even make your custom chocolate just for her. Simply search a local cake shop.  Order custom chocolate with a message, with her favorite ingredients or in a specific shape. Since it’s so easily done, this will surely have a big impact on her and will be considered a very thoughtful gift.


 Dinner at Restaurant from a New Perspective

woman's day
Credit: Mel Turner

If there’s one day a woman shouldn’t do any chores or cook, that’s definitely Woman’s Day. Take her to a new restaurant, offer her a new experience, or be the cook that day.
If you take her at your both favorite restaurant, you can secretly plan a special cake as desert, or hire some singers to romantically interrupt your dinner. No matter if they play the violin or are a mariachi band, this would be a great way of showing your love towards your better half. You can do it for your mother or daughter, too, just exclude the romantic part.


Custom Inspirational Gift

Credit: Mira Bozkho

This is the year when everybody started speaking their truth. So no more racism, sexism or other kinds of judgments. That’s why you can come up with an original gift.
If your mother, wife or daughter admires beautiful strong women like Maya Angelou, Malala or other fearless inspirational women, you can buy her an autobiography of one of these women or put together yourself a collage or small book with quotes.
No matter what you choose, this would definitely be an original present.


Woman’s Day is more than a usual celebration day. It makes us remember the qualities a woman offers to the world: kindness, openness, joy, intuition, gentleness, and many more. Therefore, let’s make it a day when we become more aware of the beauty life holds for us.








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