Who wouldn’t like to be part of exciting projects and have fun all day long? And get paid for it? Now it’s your chance.
No matter if you already have your dream job, you’ll be amazed and want to try these awesome jobs. And yes, they are as real and fun as they can get.

1. Waterslide Tester

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Do you love traveling and having fun? In this job, you’ll get paid to travel to worldwide exciting water parks and test their equipment. What is needed from you are some strong verbal and written skills and to be familiar with social media platforms. You’ll share your opinion online while you’ll be paid for it.
How cool is to travel for free to amazing places and have fun?
If you want to apply for these kind of jobs you should go to travel companies directly. Here’s one example of a waterslide tester job. With a little luck, they’ll still need a few testers for the future.

Approximate Monthly Payment: $2000-$2500

2. Island Caretaker 

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What if I told you living in a continuous holiday can help you earn a living? Do you like white sandy beaches, the blue clear water and bathing in the sun?
Then you’re the perfect match to the requirements of an island caretaker.
What you’ll have to do is write on a blog about your experiences and take photos of it.
How much do you think it pays? It can reach to $300.000 per year, meaning

Approximate Monthy Payment: $25.000

See this offer, where Tourism Queensland searched for an appliant who would stay for in the Hamilton Islands for 6 months.


3. Vacation Tester



What you need to do for the next job is to have fun, lots of fun in the fanciest places of the world. You’ll have the opportunity to travel to the most luxurious resorts and write reports to executives.
How does 5-star hotel testing sounds like? You’ll have to test 5 star restaurants food and relax in extravagant hotel apartments. These kinds of awesome jobs are more available than you might think.
You would have to be open to travel all year long. But who wouldn’t want to live in a continuous luxurious holiday?
Approximately Monthly Payment: $4000 or more
Take a look at this cute new couple who shared their experience of vacation testers.


4. Professional Sleeper


The place where you’re actually paid to sleep at your job. Professional sleepers are hired to test sleeping in different beds in particular room conditions. They will be asked to write reviews for different mattresses.
Researchers are also looking for people to sleep a certain number of hours or days under doctor surveillance. Specialists will monitor changes in their mental state.

Who wouldn’t like to stay in bed all day, especially as you’ll get paid for this.

Approximate Monthly Payment:

  • Bed and Mattress Tester– $1200
  • Medical Consultants working for NHS- $2300
  • Exhibitionist Sleeper– depending on the project, from $15/hour
  • Working for Companies That Offer Nap-Time (software companies like Google)- from $4000 to even $10.000
    What do you think about this job from Shanghai?

Who wouldn’t like to stay in bed all day? and you’ll get paid for this.

5. Icecream Tester

Wester Carls

There are universities that will offer dairy or food science degrees which will help you obtain jobs as professional ice cream tester. It would involve approving or rejecting different flavors and taste each flavor daily.
What a tough job, isn’t it? How much does it pay?
Here’s how an expert ice cream tester does his job.

Approximate Monthly Payment: starting from $4000


6. Become a Mermaid 

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Stephen M. Katz

Maybe you knew about this, but how awesome is this job. While from the outside it can look only fun and games, but it requires a lot of physical and mental training. Part of it means knowing Ariel’s songs word by word and also to have a youthful and fun attitude.
Most of all, what’s more fun than to represent one of the loveliest fairytales characters and make people around happy with your presence? By the way, you can apply to be a mermaid or a merman, so if water is your favorite element, you can give it a try.
Here are more details on how to become a professional mermaid.
Approximate Monthly Payment: $5000

7. Play with Legos and Be Paid for it 

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First of all, let’s establish this. Yes, that’s a real job. You can be paid to play with legos. But it’s much more than that.
You should be really passionate about this, as people selected as lego testers first participate at a lego built-off to show their skills and only the best are chosen.
If you wish to apply, simply check their site to see what places are available.

Approximate Monthly Payment: $2500

In conclusion, life is beautiful and you can live it exactly as you want it. Rather than being stuck in a job that doesn’t stir your passion, you can search for awesome jobs like these to make your life an adventure. And remember, everything is possible.






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