Have you ever wanted a kitchen guide with all nifty cooking ideas you could find, all in one place? Here you’ll find how to prepare quick amazing meals, how to organize your kitchen, how to clean it & regrow plants.
Cooking can take a lot of time. Especially when we want to prepare what’s best for our dear ones and take the length to cook sophisticated meals.
Do you want to learn how to take out the stones out of cherries, easily?
How to intelligently store your pots’ covers?
How to cook amazing shapes, tastes and delight everyone with your skills?

Nifty Cooking Ideas for Arrangements:

Here are 35 cooking hacks and arrangements from 5-Minute Crafts:

Are you in a hurry and want to prepare your meal quick but still make it delicious?

1 Minute Delicious Meals:

  • Make your fruit bowl make like fries and eggs;
  • Delicious toast & eggs;
  • Fried banana Nutella sandwiches;
  • Pancakes in a bottle;
  • 1 min cakes;
  • pasta and hot dogs;
  • chocolate bowls filled with ice cream;
  • recipes with bacon
  • apple pies-in apple;
  • different recipes for pizza, plateaus for guests; quick delicious sweets, and many more.


Kitchen Tips: 

Here is a pack of hacks on how to:

  • regrow plants from their roots;
  • keep aliments more time;
  • organize your food in the refrigerator better;
  • how to easily clean the microwave with lemon juice;
  • organize your kitchen drawers;
  • how to see if an egg is expired (a good one sinks), how long it takes until yogurt expires(1-2 weeks after sell-by date);
  • comparison between how many calories have healthy meals and unhealthy ones;
  • how to paint quickly jars to organize your spices;

5-Minute Recipes

These recipes will last longer than the previous 1 minute-ones, but are so easy to make and the results are so incredible, that are totally worth it.

A few of the recipes in the video: 

  • Make your own chocolate;
  • Fill bananas with Nutella;
  • other several recipes with bananas & Nutella;
  • baked potatoes with cheese & ham;
  • Chocolate chess cake;
  • Baked pears;
  • pancakes with delicious cheese;
  • Rose shaped baked potato’ slices;
  • Dongnoughts filled with cherry tomatoes & cheese;
  • other recipes for pies, cakes , and sweets;

Or have you wondered how to save money in the kitchen?
You don’t have to worry anymore. This video will explain it all.

5 Ways of Saving Money in the Kitchen

  • Regrow used plants and vegetables in your own kitchen;
  • If you’re thinking to throw your old frying pan due to its stiffed oils, think again. You can easily clean it by using water + 1 tbsp of cream tartar;
  • Use eggshells to rid pan grime;
  • Clean your pan with an interesting formula of dryer sheet, warm water, & dish soap;
  • Use orange peels to make disinfectant spray

5 Ways To Save Money In The Kitchen

5 Ways To Save Money In The Kitchen ?

Posted by Nifty on Friday, February 23, 2018

Do you want more? We’ve got even more ways of saving time, money and help you create a fun experience in the kitchen.

Here, on Pinterest, we found over 300 dishes saved by Lettylaass. You’ll find everything from meals, incredibly great looking and incredible tasting sweets, juices, cocktails and so many more surprise recipes.

nifty cooking ideas

And even more recipes, also over 300 nifty cooking ideas and recipes, saves from Sherylfog.

nifty cooking ideas

As you can see, there are hundreds of ideas on how to cook fast & make a sweet time out of it. This article will come to your aid when you’re out of ideas and will help you learn how to clean easy and save money.


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