We all adore being cozy in our pyjamas and knowing we don’t have to do any long roads for a whole day. What if I told you it can happen, but not only for one day but for as long as you want if you opt for a work from home job.
Are you a creative person and have good writing skills? Of course you are.  And even if you think you’re not fully prepared for this kind of a job, I assure you it can be learned very fast.

As a writer you can work from home, staying on your couch or even bed and let the creative ideas flow for the whole day. Wouldn’t this be wonderful?

However, if you lack purpose, initiative or feel scared to apply for this kind of job, we’re here for you. These are some fast sure ways of gaining skills and confidence to reach for the stars.

How to Be Confident When Applying for Your Job

  1. Know that everything is learnable. No one is born an expert and these skills can be achieved by absolutely anyone.
  2. To make sure you gain experience and confidence, take a class or online course on how to be a content writer. However, if you want to learn for free, try the most used resource for free tutorials: YouTube.
    Here’s one short introduction, just to make an idea.
  3. Practice, practice, practice. If you don’t have the required experience, create samples to see on what level you are. You can even apply for freelance writing jobs to begin with. Try Freelancer or Upwork.
  4. You can even create your own blog. Choose a subject that you love and start writing about it. Ask your friends’ opinion, or better, someone’s who’s in the writing business. Ask what you can improve or bring new to your style. You can use the blog as a central point when providing your CV. This will bring you closer to your work from home gigs.

    Feeling more confident yet? You totally should be.  Just take a look at these jobs. Writing gigs are the most depreciated ones, as they really can help you contribute to major companies and causes and earn goods amounts of money.

So let’s see which of these jobs will suit you the best:

Help Lawyers  through Lawlitics 

This firm describes itself as  “the leading website marketing system for lawyers who want more clients without wasting time or money. Unlike agencies, LawLytics adapts as your firm’s needs evolve, so you’ll never overpay. Unlike general website software, LawLytics is built for lawyers, so you won’t struggle and miss opportunities.”

They are looking for content writers whom they’ll offer competitive pay, with the possibility of advancement, with 9 paid holidays per year, life insurance and many more.

What they are looking for: a writer that can cover “many in-depth, original articles and substantive blog posts for a variety of different legal practice areas.”

Hours: Part-Time, 25-30 hours / week
Starting at $14.00-$16.00 / hour

You can apply for it HERE.


Commerce Beauty Writer for Bustle

Bustle is a new force in the media, covering subjects from politics, fashion, to any hot news you might want to hear about. With a fresh vibe and ready to take out the world, they are searching for a writer that can cover the beauty part and inform the readers about the latest trends.

Candidates should have at least a year experience in writing/blogging and SEO knowledge is a plus.
This gig is part-time and might have flexible hours, however, they haven’t attached any other info with it.

You can see more details and apply HERE.


Be a Love Guru for EmLovz

This site was founded in 2012 by a health and wellness coach who made an 100-date experiment. After this test, Emily started studying even further this dating world and created an empire that teaches men to date. The team allows anybody to publish articles on the site, but now they are currently looking for a writer.

If you are a “life coach, matchmaker, therapist, or a plain old dating enthusiast”, you can apply for a position HERE.


Marketing Content Writer for Timeular

The company has created an ingenious tool that helps you track time, connected through Bluetooth to your smartphone or desktop. Therefore, now they need a marketing content writer that will help them send the right message. And create a big impact in the media.

There are no further details, but if this gig sounds exciting to you, give it a try HERE.

Social Media Content Writer at ICUC 

ICUC is known for its excellence in the online media as they help popular brands find a certain voice on digital platforms and reach a high number of people. If you’re interested to apply on this job, some experience in this area will definitely help you, but also knowing a foreign language (German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, French and Spanish or any other will do).
If all of this sounds appealing to you, apply for a position HERE.

If you might want to try a writing job but you’re not sure yet, you can come back later anytime on sites like Indeed or Contena.

So you can see, writing can cover any subject. Just choose the one that resonates with you the most.  You’ll be lucky enough to work from home while being part of a fun team.

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