There are people out there believing they can’t do any money just by standing at home. We all know at least one or we were one of them. It’s important to realize that simple things can help you save up or even earn.

From all these options, of course not all are for you, but you can definitely try a few options. Just for fun.


1. Turn off your TV

If you start counting the hours a TV remains open, you’ll reach at an average of 150 hrs per month. That’s a lot! To start with, you can decide of a few TV shows you like to see and in the rest of the time, leave your TV completely turned off. No exception. Try this for a month and you’ll discover how much you can save on your electric bill.


2. Move Your Money to the Best Bank Accounts

If you are used to keeping your money in a bank that charges a monthly fee, I’ve got news for you. There are many new offers out there that can give you a signup¬†bonus with some interesting rates.¬† Sites like Chime or Every Day Finance Help will come to your aid and give you a list of options so you’ll see which card will suit you the best.
You can even find out how to receive rewards at every purchase from your card, with Birch.


3. Keep Account of Your Grocery List

One of the biggest wastes of money is going to shopping without a well-thought grocery list. It’s proven. You can even use an app to help you keep your score for your list. Wunderlist is one example. You can use it from multiple devices with more users and just update the list when there’s something new to be added. That’s how you’ll keep track of everything you buy and not overcome your budget.


4. Make Your Snacks from Home

Buying lunch at your local coffee shop or restaurant can get expensive if you start tracking all you spend there. You might pay $2.5 for a brownie to go with your coffee, but that’s the exact amount you’ll spend making a whole tray of them and let the whole family enjoy them for 2-3 days.


5. Stop Collecting, Start Selling

Have you ever noticed that cluster makes you feel more anxious that you would normally feel? That’s because the more stuff you gather in a room, the less your mind is organized and able to concentrate. Go on the premise “less is more” and keep only stuff that you really need and just a few things with sentimental value.
You can organize a garage sale in the weekend and earn up to hundreds of dollars from stuff you won’t ever use again anyway.

There are a lot of habits that can help you save lots of money. If you stop buying cigarettes, alcohol and junk food, not only that you’ll have more money than you expected at the end of the month but you’ll also feel much better. At weekends, invite friends over instead of going out. That’s how you can enjoy their company as long as you want and not be pressured by the closing time of the local you wanted to go. And save some bucks. Instead of buying items you rarely use, you can simply borrow them. Turn off the lights when you’re not in that room. Repair things as soon as you notice they start to break out. This way you’ll save the money of a costly handyman. Buy rechargeables. Find your local recycling places and get paid for stuff you already throw. And of course, use your free time to earn more money. You can see lots of options on our blog.

If you’re thinking of starting to save money from anything around the house, you have so many options. it’s easy to start, and in time, you’ll observe major differences in your bank account at the end of each month.



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