Travel is considered a luxury by some people, but if you know the right tricks, you can go anywhere and stay as long as you please.  Because we all know, less is more, isn’t it? A person who knows how to travel on a budget has its customs and tips that will help him get the most of a destination at the lowest price.
This way you can discover amazing places you would never had the chance if you chose to go the classical travel package way.

Let’s see how you can make the best of everything when you travel:


1.  Uso Incognito Mode for Booking 

When searching for flights or hotel bookings, make sure you erase the cookies or use the incognito mode. Otherwise, websites will track your previous activity and offer you similar prices offers. If you aim for really cheap packages, this step is super essential. You’ll thank me later.


2. Hostels, Best Cheapest Option

When your plan is to travel on a budget, hostels are the best version you’ll find. Ignore the comparisons with luxury hotels. If you want a true backpacker experience and make new connections, you should go for them. Some of them are only a few bucks per night so it means your wallet won’t even notice the difference.

Pro Tip: Some hostels offer free food. Find out which of them and book for them. You’ll save up good money.

2nd Pro Tip: Hostels usually give free courses too. It means you have the chance of enjoying a relaxing yoga class or another kind of workshop for free. Is this cool or what?


3. Find Best Online Travel Packages

There are sites that will do this job for you. They will give you incredible offers for your favorite destination or what they have available at that point. The more you book in advance, the cheaper it will be.

You can try sites like Sherman’s Travel for super holidays or choose unusual raw destinations like Alaska to experience nature and authentic experiences.

Pro Tip: Even if you aren’t planning for anything right now, you can subscribe to these kind of websites because who knows what incredible offer you might receive at the right time.


4. Go on the Less Taken Roads

When you choose a destination, you’ll know, of course the popular attractions there. However, one of the best kept travel hacks is to do some research prior reaching there. You’ll find out the “underground” destinations or entertainment, which will be much cheaper as they aren’t so known. If you do that you can pay less for a similar show or destination.


5.  Go When the Season is Off

If you want to save big bucks, know that hotels cut the prices in the offseason. You can book a vacation even 2-3 times cheaper in that period. See in the chart below which periods coincide with what places in the world to make an overall image. If you choose a specific destination you can give a call and ask exactly when the off-season begins. Don’t forget to add more clothes in your bags as the weather won’t be so sunny as it is in the full season.


travel on budget travel hacks

6.  Fly Light

Do you know how much an extra luggage cost when traveling by plane? Treasure experience more than material things and you’ll make both your hear and wallet happy. Pack only what you really need and just go with the flow. Don’t forget to check the forecast to not forget an extra sweater if the weather is probable to get worst.


7. Try Switch-Places Websites

Travel on a budget means sometimes $0. Yes, you heard it right. If you don’t want to pay a penny for the place you’re going to stay, try experience exchange websites and keep it as one of your best travel hacks. If you haven’t heard of Couch Surfing, you can check it out. Practically, people who love to make friends and to visit places put out a room or a bed for anyone who visits that city. And what’s best, you don’t even have to do the same. You can subscribe only to crush on their place and not vice-versa. The only thing you have to do is to be nice to them. That’s all.

And you have big chances to have a free city tour and you’ll meet a lot of locals too.


8. Join Online Travel Groups

This is a must. There’s no other way if you want to travel on a budget. There are a lot of forums or simply Facebook Groups where you can find out direct experiences from other travelers, get tips and advice from people who’ve been there. You can find out about unheard offers or pair up with other travel enthusiasts and have the time of your lives.


9. Shop at Local Markets

Not only you will eat local fresh healthy exotic fruits and veggies, but you’ll have the chance to see how locals live. It’s a beautiful place to experience and see how those streets look like, in real life.


10. Go to Free Museums and Places

From small to big cities, all have unexpected places with free entrances. from big museums to different attractions. Google it and you might remain surprised. Some of them have a day which is totally free. See what kind of places you would like to go and just do a little research.


To travel on a budget means to like adventure, receive opportunities with open arms and be spontaneous. You can try from Cambodia or Philipines to any European capital you dream to go to.  By applying simple travel hacks you’ll realize you can go anytime anywhere you want to go and that nothing is truly impossible.

travel on a budget travel hacks


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