We all know the excitement before Black Fridays when everything seems just too good to be true. Have you ever noticed that everything’s not as perfect as it seems?
When you feel that rush, butterflies in your stomach and see that limited time approaching on the end with every second that passes you might jump in and buy everything. But wait a minute. Let’s talk about all details you should take in consideration before doing your move, as this could save you hundreds of dollars.


How to Discover a Floated Price

Have you noticed that how some prices look pretty… normal during Black Friday? Along with the craziness around the offers, you might miss some of the things retailers do just before the sale. Just with a month or a few weeks before the event, they pump up the price twice or 3 times more just so they would go to the regular one during Black Friday. So you won’t save any penny, you will actually pay the exact price you would have paid with 3-4 months before. It’s simply a strategy.

How can you tell when they do that, then? Do some research. Don’t throw yourself to buy it before you study other stores as well, and the price of similar products. This can be a life saving half an hour. If not life, then money saving, as if you figure out the market price you won’t be fooled by any fake offers. Maybe the passing seconds will put pressure on you, that’s its purpose, but you’ll be smarter with a background check of the product.


Don’t Blindly Follow the Masses

No matter if a lot of people tell you about a product, don’t line for it immediately. Because one friend heard from another, and then the friend from a cousin. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are real offers. Trust it only if a person who works in the industry is amazed by the discount, then it’s genuine. For example, a photographer who tells you about a 50% discounted camera, he will know what he’s talking about for sure.

And even if the brands are offering their incredible discounts on Black Friday, do the same few minutes research before any action you take. Just open a new tab and this will clarify a lot for you then go back to the site.


Don’t Click on Unknown Links

Don’t click on strange links if they appear on your mail, Facebook feed or WhatsApp. It’s probably a virus that could affect your whole laptop or phone and could take important info from you.

Also avoid clicking on links that appear in your message box. Ask the friend who sent it what it is about before clicking. This is the most common way of spreading a virus. That friend presses on the link and then the whole list receives the same link in their chat box.

On this occasion, remember to update your antivirus software on both your laptop and phone.


Study Return Policies

To be sure you make the right decision, be sure to check return policies before buying the product. No matter if they tell you there are only 2 items left and the pressure is on you, the probability is that there are more.
This way you’ll make sure you won’t get stuck with a product that is slightly different from what you thought. Though throughout the holidays season retailers have extended return policies, check it out as some electronics might have a shorter period.


Overall, Black Friday is the period where you can really save some good money. You don’t have to be afraid, just make sure you make your research before, that’s actually all. Don’t forget to have fun, and happy shopping.




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