Do you know the feature Amazon has where it allows you to check out a new service and then just hopes clients be happy and start using it?

Amazon did it again, with some really cool samples of some products everybody loves.

Can you guess what it’s about? Ok, I’m gonna tell you.  It’s about a new set on really cheap samples from Prime.

These awesome Amazon samples will give you the opportunity to test anything from healthy food like granola bars, to the whole new line of beauty products.


Cheapest Amazon Samples Available for You


Prime Samples is the newest feature created for Amazon prime members that will allow clients to first try everything from a large variety of skin-care, beauty, nutrition, and also household products before deciding they really want to finalize the whole product.

In the nutrition part, you’ll be able to test a large range of delicious protein bars from different companies, peanuts, cashews, pecans, vegan stuff, whole foods, and juices, from naturals to Mountain Dew, V8 + Energy and so much more. The options are literally endless and you’ll get lots of energy even from these small stacks and samples.

You can check all the categories yourself, and their main ones are:

  • Beverages and food
  • Sports nutrition
  • Personal care and household
  • Beauty and grooming
  • Baby
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Sample boxes

How much? 

Samples vary from $2 to $4 or if you want a box full of samples you can choose different options from $6.99 anywhere up to $19.99.

If you have subscribed to Prime all of them will be sent free to your door, without any other additional transportation costs.


“But wait! there’s more..!” Sounds familiar, haha? Yes, this offer has something so super cool included.

You’ll receive back the credit used for your samples. For instance, if you requested an $8 worth samples, you’ll get instantly an $8 Prime Sample credit in your account and you’ll be able to use it to buy the full version of the product.

So literally, samples are free. This service was launch in December 2017. you are allowed to buy each product’ sample once, except if the product is available in different flavors or scents. However, testing a large range of products will definitely save you good money in the long run.

The company says the offer is limited by time but hasn’t added that certain time frame.

So, what do you think of these new cool Amazon samples? How much have you saved up by using samples before committing to buy the whole product?

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Credit photo: PC Mag



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