Children are always these fiery energy balls that would do anything if they put their mind unto it. If you make them believe they can climb a mountain, they will definitely do it, no matter if their little feet can’t walk even a mile on their own.
So it’s essential to know when to protect them and when to push the boundaries further to grow their confidence and self-esteem in order to help your kid become a successful child.

1.Create a positive mindset

Children always believe what they’re told and copy everything around. Teach them from when they’re little that they can achieve everything they put their mind into and they’ll conquer the world.
Brian Tracy told a story where one of his sons was afraid of everything and how he started saying he was brave. In a year his self-esteem has grown enormously and he was happy to hear a conversation between him and one of his friends where the son was saying he can achieve anything. He later proved to be the son who followed his father’ steps the closest.
So words are extremely important. Teach them about their infinite potential, but talk about equality and humility also. Teach them how everyone is unique and deserves respect and he will turn up to be the best grown-up you’ll meet in your future.

2. Independence

When we see them so small and cute we would do anything for them to see them happy, but.. that’s not always a good thing. If parents are used to do everything, the child will grow thinking it’s normal to have people do everything for him and won’t be able to do them himself.
Assign him a number of chores depending on his age, and he will not only feel useful and part of the community, but he’ll learn how to do everything he needs himself. From small things to bigger ones.


3. Responsibility 

successful child

This is also an important part. You can start by giving a small flower in a pot or a little fish or you can go up to buy a cat or a dog (or I suggest you to adopt one, they’re equally cute, free and you’ll save a precious life). Taking care of another form of life other than himself will teach him compassion, responsibility, and wisdom in a fun way, from a young age.

Studies has shown that having a pet will help the child develop in a healthier and happier way than the ones that don’t own one.

4. Courage

Teach him how to be brave and overcome his fears in order to raise a successful child. If he is afraid of swimming, take him to smaller pools first and take it step by step. Help him overcome all its fears from when you notice them and teach him how to enjoy the glorious feeling of conquering them.
This asset will definitely help him be invincible later in life.

5. Empower 

successful child

Maybe the most important rule in life is to teach someone stands its ground. Teach him how to be authentic and do everything with passion no matter what others will say.

People are so sensitive at what others think and it’s because we want to be accepted. Teach him how to overcome his massive fear and he will conquer the whole world. By overcoming the fear of what everyone will think, he will truly be happy and free. And from that point, all his relationships will be harmonious and respectful, without possession and clinginess. Teach him how to be a true warrior.

It’s not easy raising a child, especially that you can struggle between offering him everything and wanting to create a constructive environment where he can develop as the successful child who will, later on, be an example and inspirations for others too.
By following these simple steps, you’ll help him be anything he wants. It will take practice but you’ll end up be the proudest parent you dream to be.




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