How are you preparing for summer? Besides your summer body, you could save up to have more money for your trips. Or just the idea of making more money in your free time should sound good. I already made a list of the best-paid survey sites, but good news, I found more. After researching what people say about them and trying a few myself, I put up together a list for you, so you would find everything you need to know here. So here we go:

Mindfield Online

This site is owned by McMillion Research, which is one of the largest marketing associations in America. With an +A rating from the Better Business Bureau, it provides various surveys for a wide demographic of teens, working professionals to seniors and moms.       PROS

  • Fast: you can log in through Facebook;
  • Minimum age: 15;
  • Average amount earned by survey: $0,5-$10;
  • Time needed for filling it: 5-15 min;
  • When joining focus groups you could earn $100.


  • Some members complained that lately, they waited more time for their payment to get out.

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Celebration Nation

If you want to learn how to party go here. This survey site allows you to share your opinions on different sweets and foods and you’ll be repaid in vouchers and discounts, but also gives you precious info on how to throw the craziest parties or celebrations.          PROS: 

  • Gift vouchers for your time spent on surveys;
  • Influence the way your favorite sweets are made;
  • Learn more about desserts and parties. CONS: 
  • You are paid in gift vouchers and not in cash, but they can save you up good bucks.

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Prize Rebel

A survey site where you can log in in 10 seconds, the usual way or through Facebook.           PROS: 

  • Many members pleased, you can cash out within a day;
  • Many ways of taking the cash out;
  • Take money out from as little as $5;   CONS: 
  • A few unsatisfied members but I saw that Prize Rebel took care of their complaints. A very small percentage besides the pleased ones.

[button label=”Go to Prize Rebel” link=”‹´›391‹¯›aff_id‹´›1015″ target=”_blank” color=”green” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”74693652b9c23b2d5ca58572e8fe040f” _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/button]   

Opinion Outpost

On this site, you will find fun, interactive online surveys that are attractive and simple to do. You can log in daily as not all surveys are sent via mail so you can check the available ones yourself.          PROS: 

  • Participate at a lucky $10,000 cash draw with 4 winners/year.
  • Pleased members, $10 made in 30 min;
  • Medium monthly take: $40. CONS: 
  • You aren’t compensated f you get disqualified during a survey, but by getting disqualified you automatically enter in the $10,000 draw.

[button label=”Go to Opinion Outpost” link=”‹´›349‹¯›aff_id‹´›1015″ target=”_blank” color=”green” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”5319b89b49d4c801a636f8c4d7399162″ _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/button]   

Say So For Good 

Do good deeds while earning cash. By being active on this site you will help non-profit organizations to change the world. You’ll earn dollars for charity while filling out surveys to take out money for you too.         PROS: 

  • Help charities while earning cash, for each survey $0,15 is given for a meal for the homeless;
  • Members consider it one of the highest paid survey sites;
  • Fast: they take 5-15 minutes to complete. CONS: 
  • Some members were disqualified during their survey filling but the site tried to compensate.

[button label=”Go to Say So For Good” link=”‹´›313‹¯›aff_id‹´›1015″ target=”_blank” color=”green” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”59b20178b6370f506a1b31cf094f45b4″ _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/button]    Having extra money at the end of the month is everyone’s little dream. By subscribing to more survey sites you’ll definitely take out a few extra hundreds earned in your daily 10 minutes dedicated to this. It’s like a part-time, but you do it when you want, how you want and it takes so little time.

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