Did you know that 1 in 14 Americans fell victims to identity theft? Here on Inbox Research we love being positive and lead you towards the successful parts of life. However, we like to do our research thoroughly and help you prevent anything that might happen, because, you know, knowledge means power and you should have a total control over your finances.

As our lives move more into the digital sphere, the more our info is more likely to fall into cybercriminals’ hands.

  • More than 40 million Americans have been victims of identity theft and more than 50 million people confessed they knew at least a person who has been a victim.
  • More than 40% of survey takers said that they don’t check their credit reports regularly and 36% make transactions on open unsecured Wi-fi networks.
  • 30% use the same passwords over and over and some of them have the same password for all accounts.


The Solution

You could stay up late every night in order to learn new ways to secure your accounts. But as the technology changes at speed light, it is rather hard to keep up with everything new that appeared.

That’s where companies like LifeLock come in.

They give you incredibly useful info like:

  • Putting a freeze on your credit may not be enough.

  • Identity theft goes beyond credit fraud. With info like your SSN and birthdate, criminals can file tax returns, steal from investment accounts, or rack up medical bills.
  • You are 11 times more likely to be a victim of identity fraud if you are notified of a breach.
  • Identity theft can happen for years to come.
  • Data breaches can expose information that typically doesn’t change like your SSN, birthdate, or name. Criminals can use this info for identity theft long after a breach.

That’s why Life Lock dedicates all its time preventing anything to happen to your money. They will identify threats you could miss by just monitoring your credit: credit file activity, unauthorized USPS address changes, your info on the dark web, online pay day loans, privacy monitoring and many more aspects.

How Does It Work 

When you decide to have such a company to cover you up, the whole process is very simple.

1. You sign-up to the site in a matter of minutes.

2. They will automatically do a scan for possible threats.

3.  You’ll be notified of any suspicious threats by text, email, or phone.

4. If your identity is stolen, an U.S.-based Identity Restoration Specialist will do all the work needed to fix it.

5. You’ll have the stolen funds back up the limit of your plan.

Prevention is the basis of all successful businesses. In order to make more money, you must know all the rules that can come between you and your dreams (a.k.a money). Life Lock can be life-changing and essential the more money you make.

What do you think? Do you use any protection tool to assure your money are safe? how are they called? We’ll love to get your feedback and hear stories about this subject.


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