What have you been up to, Little Researchers? Like all of us, you like doing stuff that make you happy, like trips or fun adventure,-and for this you need money. People tend to think that making money requires a lot of your time in a place that doesn’t please you, without enthusiasm and as a way of survival.

What if I told you can get paid for fun and exciting things?

That’s why below is a list from which you can choose FUN ways of making money and enjoy every part of it.

Get Paid For Your Receipts

Ibotta is an awesome app that works with more than 50 retailers. It’s totally free and will give you your cash back for any receipts. Only by signing-up, you’ll receive a $10 bonus.

So you’ll earn money with the purchased stuff you already need to buy. After you receive the receipt simply take a photo of it and scan the items’ barcodes. And there you go. Instant cash back.

Among the things you’ll be paid for it’s worth mentioning that you’ll get $1 back for a box of tea, $5 back on a box of Shiner Bock beer, 50 cents back on frozen fruits, and at least 25 cents on each item if it doesn’t have a higher value.

This actually means you can get 5-10% of your grocery list back. Isn’t this a fun way to do your shopping?

Do you want to know a trick? There are multiple apps that will pay you back. Try Nielsen Consumer Panel or Drop too, as it has great rewards. For the same receipts! Get paid double or triple for your shopping by using them all. But shhh, you didn’t hear this from us.


Sell Your Old Stuff Instead of Throwing

Do you want to know an easy way of making money around the house? yes, it’s what we said in the title. If you want to get rid of the clog and breath freely with a space where you have only useful items, sell your old ones.

Do you have old stuff you want to throw or things you bought and know you’ll never use?

Download LetGo and sell your items in a few days. It was downloaded for more than 50 million times so you’ll have great chances of finding your buyers within a day.


Download an App and Win Every Week

That’s it. You’ll earn money by downloading MobileExpression that will give you the chance to win amazing things every week. Everyone always wins something, from $25 Amazon cards to Big Screen TVs or other exiting expensive prizes.

The app helps companies understand better data usage through the actions their users make and by keeping the app on your phone, it’s sure you’ll win extraordinary things.

There are more apps of this type that you can make money from just by keeping them on your iPhone. For example, Nielson will pay you $50 per year just to keep it in your phone.


Why Buy Products When You Can Get Samples For Free

Another way of saving money so you can use them in other parts is to get looooots of free samples delivered to your door. How? it’s simple. For example, Spring Samples or I love Samples will help you choose from a large variety of items and send them to you.

It’s the best way of making sure a new product will really be useful to you. Or to save money by using them instead of buying the whole product.


Make More Money by Spend Less 

There are companies that will help you pay less for different bills or to help you get your cash back. Lower My Bills will help you choose the best services you already need.

It’s a free online service that will help you compare low rates on monthly bills. Not only that but it can help you with your auto or health insurance, wireless services, credit cards, home loans and absolutely everything you can think of. It’s really worth trying it as you can save up 20% of what you usually spend in a year.


See? It’s so simple and fun to get cash, save money and have a blast while doing that. Everyday chores can become so much more fun when you know you can get money by doing them.













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