When you think at the perfect job, what are the first things that come to your mind? Do they involve singing, whistling, dancing and being happy?

Find that it’s all possible now. According to Orlando Sentinel, Disney World is filling 3500 jobs. And you want to know the best part? Their hire bonuses come up to $3000.  It’s like being rewarded for landing on your perfect dream job.

People who get to be hired full-time will also enjoy the benefits packages-weekly pay, annual salary increases, retirement plans, wellness programs, vacations, sick leaves and the list goes on.

Below you have the main positions you can apply for:


Expose Your Culinary Talents at Disney World and Be Paid

“One bite and all your dreams will come true.” What a delicious job to be in.

And when as a culinary chef assistant you’ll receive  between $13.95-$14.75 per hour a $3000 bonus, you will definitely say “Hip, hip, hooray!” As a chef, you’ll need a 3-year experience and you’ll receive between $12.95-$13.21 and a whole $1000 bonus.

These positions are open on May 22 and if you want to try to enjoy the whole magical atmosphere and sell beverages, send your application until May 20.


Whistle While You Clean at Disney World

If you often find compared to Snow White as you like to be tidy, you can try for a position as a housekeeping at Disney World Florida. You will be paid starting from $10.50 and receive a hiring bonus up to $1250.

Interviews are scheduled on May 1st and 23rd at the Walt Disney World Casting Center.


Be Admired by Everyone as a Lifeguard at Disney World

“Just keep swimming” with this awesome job that will give you lots of adrenaline and excitement. You’ll embark in a wonderful journey at one of the 5 beaches, 10 marinas and over 50 pools there in Disney World. You will earn from $10.50 if you stay in shallow water and go deep ’til $11.25 per hour as a lifeguard with bonuses of $500 or $1000.

You can go to this job fair on May 21st.
If you prefer other places than Disneyland to expose your worked body, why not try the Universal Orlando Resort where you can go on May 4th, 11th, and 18th.


Enjoy All the Park as a Bus Driver

You will feel like Cinderella in her magical pumpkin but combined with Mulan and Merida as you’ll totally feel brave as you’ll have all this enchanted land for yourself to drive through.

You can apply for a part-time or full-time bus driver and you’ll automatically receive a $500. earnings start from $12.65 per hour. You can go to apply on May 22nd.

Hey ho! Let’s go! With these miraculous jobs, you won’t even feel it’s a job. Get paid to have fun.
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