Are you a person who likes to stay outdoors most of the time? Do you love riding your bicycle, hiking and going to adventures?
If your biggest passion is any sport, find out that you can improve it and make money out of it. How? It’s simple.

The Sports and Outdoor Squad is the place where you can enjoy everything. It’s free to join and you’ll start being part of a community with the same tastes as yours.

This research company is bringing together fans from all over U.S. to share their opinion about ALL sports and outdoor activities, everything from outdoor gear, activities, and lifestyle. You can say it’s a sport survey site, but it’s actually much more.

You will be able to connect and interact with other members and to enjoy new awesome friendships.

Change the Sports World

Yes, you have this power. Through your insight, you’ll influence the leading retailers and influence them to improve their products and services so they will upgrade them based on your feedback. Isn’t this cool or what?

By joining Sports and Outdoor Squad you will be able to say you are one of the voices that improves sports in general, but your favorite activity and sport too. And make money out of it. Isn’t this a great thing to tell your friends?

In this online community, you’ll be able to share your opinions through surveys, polls and message boards. You’ll have the chance of earning great rewards.

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