Did you know that a person makes an average of 4.4 pounds of trash every day?
I didn’t know either. After a report Save on Energy released, I found out that an Americans generate an amount of 254 millions tons of garbage per year. Among which we can remind 22 thrown plastic bottles.

The truth is that we somehow already knew that. After documentaries showing us that islands with penguins filled with plastic and trash, that really endangered their lives, we knew we have to do something, in large numbers.

What Can We Do 

The answer is simpler than we might believe. There are a few radical changes we can make, that could really improve our lifestyle and health, save us some good bucks and literally save the planet. So you are extremely important. Every person that realizes how many benefits these few actions can bring can have a detrimental impact on the environment.

I could have added lots of vids with the depressing impact that plastic has on the planet. But here, on Inbox Research we concentrate only on the solutions and positive parts. So what can you actually do?


1. Replace Plastic Straws with a Metalic One

It was shown that over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used each day in the United States. Because they are tiny they often are swallowed by a large variety of animals causing not only pollution but injuries and deaths.

What you can do: you can buy yourself your own cool hipsterish metal straw and have it with you, or you can refuse using straws in drinks and drink directly from the glass.


An American uses an average of 220 straws per year, this means you’ll lighten the trash quite a lot with this small gesture. This also means no injured cute animals due to the plastic straws.

How much you’ll save: Considering that on Aliexpress a metal straw is approximately $0.5, if you buy 20 they will last you for years. With plastic straws, you pay approximately $2-$5 per lot and buy them at least 3-4 times a year at parties. In 5 years you’ll save up $50-100 only from this, depending on how of a heavy you party. That’s not much but the good you do for the environment is immense.

2. Change Plastic bags with Reusable Ones

There are so many pretty models of cotton bags on the market, that this should be a new trend. If this will become an ecological move, we can dispose the planet of many, many, many.. many plastic bags. Want numbers? I give you numbers.

Per year, we use 5 TRILLION plastic bags, this means 160.000 bags per second. This is enormous. And when we buy plastic bags we pay an extra ecological tax for nothing. We can save up literally hundreds of dollars per year by choosing cotton or any other material reusable bags. And you’ll look cool with them, too.

3. Buy a Thermos

Have you ever thought how many plastic bottles do you use per year? Exchanging your daily water or juice bottle with a thermos will make the difference for everybody. You not only will start making your own natural juices at home and be able to take them with you, feeling more energized and renouncing the E-s from bottled juices, but you’ll make the planet a big favor too.
How much you’ll save? Well, you know how many bottles you buy per week, month then year. Do the math and i’m assuring you’ll be saving up hundreds of dollars per year from this single ecological action.

Other stuff you can do to save the planet:

  • Pack Food in Reusable Boxes;
  • Compost food; 
  • Cut back on junk mail– you receive more than 30 pounds per year;
  • Buy in bulk– as many times possible and avoid individually packed items;

There are many solutions on the market that would definitely end in time this avalanche of trash. And people everywhere are massively changing the environment, step by step.
I’m leaving you with this cute video to prove you that ecological change is more than possible: it’s already happening.

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