Now that summer’s almost here, as a student you’re searching for your right internship. You’ll want the opportunity of making new connections and experience, but what about money and freedom?

This comes as a new Student and Rotational Program or paid internship. Do you love motorcycles and feeling the wind in your hair? Then this program was “made for loving you”.

The #FindYourFreedom Internship starts from the idea that their interns hate the idea of being stuck 40 hrs in an office. They quote that if you “want to grab life by the handlebars and take on the world (…), then this job is for you.”

paid internshipCourtesy of Harley Davidson

Receive Your Own Bike

The 12-week program will give the interns a broader view on marketing communications. You’ll learn how to ride a bike, test it and you’ll be helped to discover motorcycle culture while you go on the road with your new friends.

And at the end of it, guess what? You’ll get to keep the bike. Yes, it’s completely yours. Fo’ real!

Find out all the opportunities you’ll get by entering Harley Davidson Internship here.

Simply get your creativity starting and show them what you got by writing them what FREEDOM means to you. You can add a video, create a collage or write an essay and send it to this mail.

Your deadline ends on May 11, 2018, at midnight.

This paid internship is everything you could have dreamed of: freedom, open-minded people, opportunity to learn and grow, money and.. on top of that, your own original Harley Davidson bike in only 12 weeks.

 paid internshipCourtesy of Harley Davidson


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