Did you know you can improve your financial status, as fast as a 5-min daily routine, in the morning, while sipping your coffee? There are some really easy ways that could save you from debt and lots of stress by building good habits. And more than that, some of these tips require a minimum of effort, to check them 1 time/month.

Let’s see what I’m talking about:

1. Find Out Where You At 

Being a mom, working, or juggling with so many things at once can make you feel overwhelmed and it’s easy to lose control of more things, especially how much you spend and you may not be sure of your financial situation.

But don’t you fear, Bad Credit Survival Guide is here. At your service.

This is the N0 1 guide people go to when they want to find out more about their finances. No matter if it’s about loans, credit cards, home, rentals, car purchases and leases, this site is offering all the info you need to overcome any struggle money can give you.

2. Resolve Your Credit Score in the Blink of an Eye

Better said, leave it all to Credit Sesame while you’re enjoying your morning coffee in silence.

It will do all the work in your place, by giving you a free credit score while showing you your credit history. Therefore, you’ll be able to see exactly what purchases have you made, how much money you owe and to whom.

Credit Sesame will also give you ways to improve your score rapidly, it can recommend debt refinancing or other ways and what and show you the chances you have to be approved. It’s a really interesting and useful app, and it’s worth trying the free credit score option, so you can sign up here.

3. Make Money While You Spend Money

We are already doing our online shopping anyway. Why not choose the card that has the best benefits for our lifestyle.
Birch Finance is a company that will automatically do that for you when you sign up and gives you the best options you have.

You’ll be able to see what transactions are more beneficial for you and which to use to earn the most rewards.

4. Earn Money in Your Free Time

What better way to save money than earning them. If you don’t have the time to have a part-time or properly work, here are some things that can be very useful instead.

You can opt for one or all of these options:

  • Earn some extra bucks daily through survey sites. The most popular ones are Swagbucks, ShoppersVoice, or Global Test Market. Check our full list of surveys here.
  • Try freebies. No matter that is food, cosmetics or baby diapers, it will definitely make a difference in your wallet if you get accustomed to ordering them. Here is the list of sites that offer free products and testers.

When you have support at your side, everything looks and gets easier and debt seems an easy job to solve. There simply aren’t problems that haven’t got a bunch of solutions qued up for you to make your life easier.

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