Summer’s coming, so it’s pretty probable you’ll have a few flights stored in the next months. When going on a plane, short or long distance, it’s important to make sure you are comfortable but to avoid complications in the same time.

Here is a useful list with things you’ll be happy to know BEFORE embarking in your flight.

1. Avoid Complicated Items

Do you know how small is the bathroom in a plane? Yes, that tight spot. Now imagine if you’re wearing a jumpsuit or a complicated one piece of clothing. Avoid pieces of clothing with many buttons or zippers and opt for some comfortable jeans or trousers instead.

Things to avoid in a plane
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2. Metal, no metal allowed

Among other things to avoid wearing in a plane, this is a very important one. If you don’t want the checkpoint to sound like crazy or to be forced to undress in a public space, you should definitely choose items of clothing that don’t have metallic details on them.

things to avoid wearing in a plane
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3. Tight Items of Clothing

Going on a plane is all about comfort. These long hours stuck in the same spot is enough of a struggle, and as you can see, even celebrities who are always on point with their wardrobe choose comfort over anything else when going on planes.

Plus, people going on long flights are at risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which means blood clots can form in deep veins, most probably in legs. If you wish to prevent that, wear some compression socks and loose clothes.

things to avoid wearing in a plane
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4. Light Clothes

Meaning summer clothes. No matter if it’s summer or you’re flying to a hot destination, don’t forget that temperatures in planes are really low. Have more items on you that you can take off or on, on your preference.

things to avoid wearing in a plane
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5. Contact Lenses 

From the things to avoid wearing in a plane, this is my genuine suggestion: don’t wear contact lenses in a plane. Well, you’ll have the chance of taking them out when going to the bathroom, and I’m assuring that you will after a couple of hours the most. Make your journey comfortable and remember the aesthetics after you go out.

things to avoid wearing in a plane
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6. High Heels

There were cases when people were asked to take their heels off, as they have a metallic base or they can hide different small objects that are not allowed in a plane.

things to avoid wearing in a plane.
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7. Outrageous Clothes

At least, from the stuff’ perspective. There were cases when people were not allowed on flights just because they were clothes that showed too much cleavage, had offensive or funny texts written on them, saggy pants or even leggings if you’re flying with the employee pass.

things to avoid wearing in a plane
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So we can see, no one can joke with these rules around, not even celebrities. Take for instance our girl, Kim Kardashian who was stopped in L.A. for a thorough check.

Now that you know what things you should avoid wearing in a plane, find everything about traveling on a budget.


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