If you ever thought of creating your own online business, I’m coming to your help with some useful tricks. Having the idea is the big step, but it has to materialize into a practical plan in order to make it happen.

Welcome to our weekly Business Hour, where I’ll share with you theory, practical exercises, stories and examples that will help you understand better how to create or grow your business.

So, here we go, simplified steps for achieving great results and unleashing your clients’ potential:

1. Do It With Passion

In order to create something that would bring clients, you should like to do it. So think about it, what are the subjects you like, what are you good at, and then create your own online business around it.

If it’s about an online course or an e-book, words will express more than the info you give, will show your feelings. So it’s a must that you’re passionate about it and like what you do.

So you have 2 choices:

you’ll create a digital teaching item or a physical product to be sold online.

A. The first one means you’ll create e-books, online courses or memberships where you’ll show the solution to a specific problem and make the readers the resolvers of their own problem (theory).
B. Or, you’ll create the physical item from your idea and you’ll put it on the online market to be the materialized solution for your clients’ needs. (practical)

2. Find Your Uniqueness and Start Making Profit

Now that we established the 2 choices that you have, let’s find your gift. What are you truly remarkable at, really unique and you enjoy doing for hours?

Some people panic and think they don’t have a special gift to be sold worldwide, but that’s not the case. It’s a process, but you can definitely find out what you’re really good at. Don’t think of it as a job or the way to make money from; this will automatically come after.

Simply think: what is the activity you like losing yourself for hours? When do you feel time has stopped flowing? 

Is it painting, video games, writing,  sewing, flowers, traveling, mechanics or what is it? The most enjoyable thing in the world for you? You surely know it by the feeling of pleasure you feel when doing it. Think for a second … and…That’s it! You found your big business idea.

And never think that you can’t make money out of it. For example, a 9 yo discovered she loved doing colored salt bath bombs and she started doing them. Her parents helped her create a youtube channel and boom, in about 3 months she made a profit of over $50k. She donates regularly for a good cause, but look how easy and fun creativity can help you make money out of your skills. Then it will be only a matter of time to your own online business.

3. The More Unique, The Better

The more you’re scared it isn’t a regular item or idea to make money out of it, the more you shouldn’t be. If your idea isn’t on the market or it’s a narrow niche, that’s absolutely fantastic.

It means less competition and more space for you to unleash your creative genius to widen your big business idea.

In Silicon Valley, they have a saying: the product itself is the marketing. So companies like Apple, Google or Facebook work so hard to create a perfect and unique product that it will sell itself without an enormous investment in the marketing, like Coca-Cola for instance.

So simply concentrate on your idea and how can it solve some people’s needs. The rest will come together perfectly.

Tell me what you think about it in the comments and how your big business idea will come in the aid of your clients needs.


Credit photo: Unsplash/ Nathan Dumlao
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