When traveling, you have 2 big expenses you should think about: flights and accommodation.

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When you go to a big city, it can be overwhelming to search for cheap accommodations as you’ll have thousands of options. If you want to save up by choosing a lower price, you might want to take a look at these options:

1.  Choose a farther district from the center.

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Prices increase when you get near popular landmarks, so you might want to try booking a room farther than those areas, but one that has buses and metro stations nearby so you could reach your travel destinations easily.

2. Choose Credit Cards with bonuses.

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If you’re aiming cheap accommodations, you found them. Actually, free is better than cheap so definitely try using credit cards that give great bonuses like free nights at different hotels. If you don’t know your choices,  Expert Credit Card can and will help you find the best options you have.

3. Book Hotel Chains that give points. 

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Do you know those hotels you’ll find in every city you go? But did you also know that if you’re booking a room you’ll receive bonus points meaning a cheaper room next time you check in at the same hotel, in any city of your choice? Try places like Marriott, Wyndham, World of Hyatt and so on.


4. Make a quick check-up before booking your room. 

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The place might sound incredible on its site, with all things included and low budget, but be realistic. Search for reviews and make sure they’ll have free amenities (wifi, airport pickup, laundry, breakfast, 24h reception, a pool and other things that you might like).
When searching for hotels, try Booking.com and set the search option to lowest price first.

5. Cheapest of them all. 

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Yes, I’m talking about hostels. if you really want to save up on rooms, you will pay anywhere between $5 and $30/ night, but prepare yourself to share the room with other travelers. If you like company and really like saving up, this means this is for you. Want to know the best sites for hostels? Booking.com and Hostelsworld.com

6. Make friends and stay for free.

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No, you don’t have to actually search for friends that stay in every town you’ll want to travel, this would be exhausting. CouchSearching is a site where people who enjoy having travelers in home and will give you a free room or bed. When you sign up you can choose if you’ll give back a room in your town, if not, that’s really ok, you can only go, stay for free and make friends.

7. Negotiate Your Stay.

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Lastly, but definitely not least, you might have heard of Airbnb. The place where people share their places and you can negotiate the price. Plus, you’ll get to see the experiences previous travelers had before you.

If you’re aiming for cheap accommodations, these are the best hacks we know. What other travel secrets do you know when wanting to go on a budget?

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