We all know and love London, it has many centuries of history, elegance, and stories. When it comes to visiting it, there are places you definitely won’t want to miss.  I won’t bore you to the easy to get places like the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and stuff you can easily find. What I’m showing you are the exciting places, popular and secret that will make your trip unforgettable.

We made a list with the best known and unknown places, cheap or that worth every penny.

1.  Harry Potter Studio Tour

I’m referring to the exact place where all Harry Potter series were filmed.  Near a decade of detailed sets, costumes and architecture placed at your disposal. See where Harry bought his wand or where he received his first kiss. It’s a magical adventure you won’t want to miss when visiting London.

Visit Platform 9 ¾, go to Dumbledore Office and so many other exciting places.

Price: $114.24, in the morning or afternoon. Details here.

2. London Eye

This Ferris Wheel is the largest observation wheel in Europe that was built to celebrate the 2000s. You will enjoy a 30 min ride, and in order to skip the neverending line, you can buy the Skip-The-Line Ticket that will make you go on directly.

Price: $45.83

when visiting london
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3. The Cauldron

It’s a pub where wizards go. So if you want to continue the Harry Potter experience, you should definitely go to the Cauldron.
You will be given wizard cloaks, your own cauldron to mix the drinks, and of course, your own personal wand.

Another interesting pub is the Breaking Bad themed one, set up in an RV. ABQ will give you lots of ingredients and costumes to create your own drinking experiments. It’s a must-go bar when visiting London.

4. See Dinosaurs and Neolithic Stuff For Free 

Now let’s talk about having fun without having to pay a single penny.
There are 23 free museums that you can visit.  Among them, you can go to the National History Museum when visiting London, and enjoy old, but really old things. From Dinosaurs bones to all the Tudors dynasty portraits, you can let yourself be amazed and expand your knowledge in the same time.

Price: FREE

5. Royal Affairs & Gardens

Let’s continue Englands free attractions tour. Among a lot of interesting gardens, I remind you of Kensington Gardens, A Royal Park; or maybe you want to enter in Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge, or maybe you want to have an amazing instastory on Queen’s House Greenwich. Either way, places like Horniman Museum and Gardens are sure to make your day, without you spending a dime.

There are hundreds of interesting places to see when you’re heading to London, i hope this list helped you to make up your mind to experiment lots of what it has to offer.


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