This was a really debated subject. No matter if you like InboxResearch for the saving tips, the fashion, health advice or any reason you are here, this subject is surely one that you often search online. So let me show you how easy is to upload photos on Instagram from PC or tablet, and also how to easily download Instagram photos too.

The subject is a heated one due to the many versions that were available as programs, tricks or extensions, that were fastly dysfunctional after a really short while.

Why Uploading from PC is Better

That’s easy. Not only that Instagram has the version to upload photos only from the phone, but by sending the picture from pc to your iPhone, no matter how good is your device, it will still lose its resolution. And this can really be a problem for photographers, companies that opt for a professional image and so on. And why wouldn’t you want the highest quality possible?

 The Solution 

So, I searched for the best and easiest way to do it and found it.
It’s an extension called Downloader for Instagram™ and it’s only a click away. This one is a secured legit link and it’s better to avoid other links or extensions if someone hasn’t recommended them to you. As you know they can come with small “surprises”.

Simply click on this link to download it and this page will appear to it. Press on +Add to Chrome and you’re done.

After adding it you’ll have 2 main features. You’ll see 2 new buttons on Instagram when the extension is on.
Press on the phone symbol and you’ll be able to upload photos on Instagram from pc or tablet directly from a “+” sign.

Download Instagram Photos

The other feature is represented by the arrow heading down. As you can see in the picture above, you can download Instagram photos and videos by simply moving the cursor on the picture. A download button will pop up in the upper left part of the image and voila.
There are many ways of saving your favorite pics but the extensions automatically help you both upload or save. However, you can opt for the Instagram option or other that are out there online.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Tell me what do you think. What other social media secrets would you like to know? Leave me a comment below.

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