Liliana Tegzes greeted us with a wide smile and invited us into her laboratory while she was making muesli bars, order for a vegan event. Her business, Arawme, (meaning “Flavors” in a play of words) has begun with her passion of healthy food and especially sweets.  Now she has a laboratory in the heart of Bucharest, Romania, where she creates amazingly tasty raw-vegan cakes with soul, 2 other locations in the capital, and another one in a nearby city.

How did it all start?

It started 20 years ago when my best friend, Carmen and I became vegetarians. Around that time in Romania, people were crazy meat lovers and being a vegetarian was seen as a really weird concept. You would always be seriously advised to give up on this idea before you get ill or even die. Can you imagine there were even doctors and nutritionists telling you that? Hard times for us.

Then the second step happened seven years ago, in 2011, when we started taking into consideration the idea of eliminating sugar from our diet but also, being big fans of cakes and all kind of sweets, we found out about the raw-vegan desserts.  Ho, ho! The hit of our lives!!

We first made sure that raw-vegan cakes are a real deal and then we started to show this to our families and all of our friends.

The third step was four years ago, in 2014, when we decided to take it to the next level and make a business from our passion. We want everyone to know that you can eat good and stay healthy and it’s also very simple to do it.


 What challenges have you met along the road?

When we discovered raw-vegan cakes, they were in Romania about 5-6 food bloggers promoting this type of lifestyle. Not much for an inspiration. Lucky me, I understand enough English, so I was able to find a lot of inspiration for my recipes from US and UK raw-vegan bloggers. Some of them are my favorites to these days.

I also took a few online classes, with some very good raw-vegan chefs, and refined my skills in the raw-vegan cakes and raw-vegan chocolate areas.

After a few years of testing all sorts of raw-vegan cakes on us, our families and our friends, we decided to go big and make a business from this passion of ours and try to convince other people on how healthy and also tasteful are raw-vegan desserts.

Another challenge was to diversify our raw-vegan cakes offer so that we could satisfy a larger variety of consumers with different taste likings. This meant a lot of work, a lot of research, and a lot of experiencing with food. Not for nothing, though, because today we have a very large range of products, maybe the largest in our area.

What is aRAWme for you? And what does it mean for your clients?

aRAWme is our way of trying to make people’s lives better, to show them that there are products that are delicious and healthy at the same time.

It is a personal business, made with passion and from passion. We strongly believe in the raw-vegan lifestyle.

For our clients, aRAWme is the certainty of a delicious and healthy cake. As a friend of ours says, aRAWme cakes are like “a rainbow in your mouth”.

 What is your goal for Arawme?

We want aRAWme cakes to be the best in town, and considering the feedback we get so far from our clients, we are nearly there. Ha, ha!

After hundreds of recipes that we have tried, and after thousands of cakes made throughout these 7 years, we can say that we are very experienced in this area of raw-vegan cakes and we really know the market. Therefore, the chances to become number one are really good!

We also want to start teaching some classes of raw-vegan desserts cooking and share our knowledge and experience with everybody interested in learning about this.

Liliana is the living proof that passion blended with the will of helping others will help you create a flourishing business. If you have a dream, definitely go the distance to make it your everyday job and you’ll feel you’re


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