Welcome to this week’s Business Hour. Now that we found out how to find our big business idea, we’re going to head further on the subject.

Starting your own company is not cheap, any business owner can tell you that. You need to know the domain very well, to take a course at least, to prepare to invest in constructing it from scratch and in hiring the best people so you would start with a great site and employers that will give the best.

But hear that: you can definitely start your business with less than $100. Here’s how:

Find what you’re good at

In order to start making money, you must choose something you’re good at and start advertising. Are you creative, do you like sewing, drawing, making sites, helping people, are you more of an action person?

Don’t worry, no matter what you like to do- DO IT- and start asking money for it.

How to start making money of your talent

When people are in a money crisis it’s not easy to think positive and find solutions with ease, even for the most positive ones. So they might not see opportunities that lie in front of their eyes. You can start making money because you have to, with a heavy heart and anxious about results, or you can trust the process and know it will work out.

As it absolutely always works out. I have never met people that think positive and not find solutions. And even if they find blockages on their path (and they always do), they don’t stop. They never stop. They find ways how to overcome anything that comes their way. We, human beings, are built to evolve and learn continuously. So never be afraid of the unknown or let it stop you, but look at it as an opportunity for expansion.

Concentrate on it and let it rain with money 

So, you realized you’re good at music- offer lessons, become a lyrics writer or anything your heart feels pleasure in doing. You like driving, offer yourself to do the groceries for your neighbors, or take people in 1-day trips around the area and charge money for it. You got the idea, no matter what it is that you like doing, act professional and start charging money as a service.

And if you’re still wondering how to start your business with less than $100 here are some ideas: 

  • Buy a domain and a name for a year (will cost less than $100) and do the design yourself. I’m referring to a basic functional site where people would see what you’re offering and want to contact you directly. If you want a professional blog, e-commerce site or more complex site, you definitely need to work with some web designers.
  • If you don’t necessarily want a site, simply post your product/service on sites like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and so on and invest in advertising so it would appear to people in your area ($50-$100/month for a start would be enough for you to start making a profit).
  • Definitely go for the social media. Create a Facebook professional page, an Instagram account for your business and twitter too. Do not blend them with your personal account, it should remain professional. Now think of what you want to offer and create a story and use a formal-friendly tone in your posts. You should be unique and find features that would differentiate you from any other business like yours.

Slowly, it will grow and you will be able to concentrate only on it without having to work side gigs in no time.


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