This is something you do every day. Absolutely every. single. day. So why don’t get paid for it?

There are ways you could make it rain cash just by searching the stuff you already search online.

1. Swagbucks

Earn $0,03-$0,39 Per Search

You definitely know this site for their cool surveys and reward system, but did you know they pay you to search as well? You can do that 2 ways:

  • set Swagbucks as your default browser;
  • or do your searches directly from their website

A very easy way to get paid to search the web, especially that their awards are based on keywords, and if you search the right ones, boom, cash flows in (4 Swagbucks per search).

Download their extension to see your earnings.

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2.  Qmee.

Brings Per $0,05-$1 Per Search

It’s a really simple system as you can use it with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, and eBay.

Go to their website and download their extension and you’ll start earning from that point. There are no limits on what you can earn, and if you want our PRO TIP, you can use Qmee with Bing and you’ll earn Bing rewards in the same time, too. 

3.  Bing Rewards

Earn $0,01 Per 2 Searches

With Bing Rewards you can either redeem your money or exchange the points for gift cards, electronics, movies and other gifts.

You will earn 1 credit for 2 searches, and a limit of 15 credits on desktop and 10 on mobile, every day.

By switching your search engine to Bing, through Bing’s Rewards program, you earn points you can later redeem in things like gift cards, movies, electronics, and more. You can even donate your points to charity as well.

Here you have the extension.

4. Inbox Dollars

Receive $0.01-$0.02 Per Search 

It’s the perfect platform to use with Swagbucks, iRazoo or/and GiftHulk. The limit per day is $0.15 which may seem not very much, but if you draw the line at the end of the year there’s a good $55 for doing things you already do. You don’t lose any time, you simply earn money.

Search directly from their site or download the app for mobile or both.

5. GiftHulk

Earns You $0.04 Per Search 

Besides the fact that you’ll get paid to search the web, this site offers surveys, videos, and polls that will help you earn good cash. Asa limit, you’ll receive points from 1 search per hour.

You can retrieve money at minimum $5.

6. CashCrate

Brings you $0.01 Per Search

Another platform that is also available for surveys and shopping too. You’ll earn $0,01 at every search at a limit of 10 searches per day. Retrieve the money at $20.

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7. iRazoo

Earn $0.025 Per Search

Use this site for surveys and other tasks, like searching. You will not be paid at every search but you’ll be awarded randomly. So the more you use iRazoo as a search engine, the more chances to win more money are possible.

8. Google ScreenWise

Earn from $0.01 Per Search 

This is different from Google, as when you install the app, it will allow Screenwise to gather demographic info from you and your searches. This way the company will sell data to market research businesses.

If you didn’t know already, Google automatically does that and by installing the app you’ll be paid for it.

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9. SendEarnings

Earn from $0.01 Per Search 

A platform for surveys, polls, videos and to get paid to search the web. You’ll be offered $5 just to sign up and from there you’ll have many options you can blend together to redeem more money.




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