Shopping online is the preferred shopping options for the majority of us as it’s fast, easy, and many times cheaper. For example, 76 percent of shoppers said they will do most of their holiday shopping on Amazon, while Walmart situates on the second place.

When asked what is the must an item should have in order to be bought right away, people definitely choose products with free shipping.

While saving a lot of time, you can also save lots of money too, if you choose these features and sites while shopping online.


It will become your best friend as it’s an Amazon free price tracker. Not only that will watch unlimited products for you but will send you an alert when they are at their lowest price. You can also see an item’s price history since it appeared so you could make a clearer opinion on what’s the lowest edge.

Let’s say you want to buy a certain blender that’s $450 but its history shows you that it sometimes falls low as $385. Simply set your tracker to announce you when this happens.

Camel x 3 also has an option with hotels, too, where save your hotels and favorite room types and you’ll receive alerts through Camelodge.


Retail Me Not 

Next time, before finishing your order open a tab on Retail Me Not and you might be amazed by what discounts you might end up with. It has occasional discounts for almost everything what’s up there so it’s definitely worth saving it.

This site is also a true gem when hunting for discounts codes, card deals and cash back offers.



It’s on the market for 10 years and it’s one of my favorite sites ever. These deals for local restaurants or business are unbeatable.

But only lately I found out Groupon is great at more things at once:

  • Take a look at the Clearance section for instance. here you’ll find hundreds of products listed lower than their retail value. Right now I’m seeing Dr Dre headphones 66% off or that the Nicolle Miller luggage set is discounted from $720 to only $130. Take a look yourself.
  • Another aspect of this site you might not have been aware of: coupon codes. Before buying anything, type the item in the search bar from Groupon too and you might pay less.


Biz Rate 

If you heard Amazon has the best prices, check again. This site is the best if you want to compare prices for one product. From all shopping sites, Biz Rate will check them all and allow you to compare the differences yourself. The best on the market for comparing prices.


Slick Deals

This is a bargains lover paradise. Check the site for incredible discounts for your favorite brands, from Pampers to Adidas, Pizza and so much more.

The site has huge codes, deals and discounts from eBay, Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Adorama and so many more.

Coupons is the perfect alternative to newspaper coupons, so you can check it before every road to your grocery store.

You can also use the GroceryIQ app directly on your mobile and save money in a sec.


Glyde is a site where you can buy used electronics at really great prices. After you receive an item, you have 2 days to decide if you want to keep it. Their motto is “Buy for Less & Sell for More”, so you can try it yourself with the iPhones, laptops or DVD players you don’t use anymore.

As you can see, these online shopping sites can help you reduce a lot of your money that flew away without you being aware of this fact.


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