Our lives revolve around the online media. We connect with our friends online, we collaborate with our clients online and of course, we do our shopping online.

When we aren’t very calculated with all our online actions, we can wake up spending much more than we realize. Here are some tricks that will allow you to reduce your online overspending:

Your New Best Friend: The Unsubscribe ButtonĀ 

If you’re used to do most of your shopping online, you probably have a large number of deal newsletters. Who doesn’t love a great deal, but they not only gather by hundreds, lose a lot of your time, but help you lose lots of money, too.

You mustn’t be an online big spender to lose unnecessary money. You can take care of your life, go to your job, spend time with your family, than boof, le wild deal appears and you simply can’t refuse it.

That’s why you can manually unsubscribe from ALL deal sites, (maybe keep your best 3 sites, but that’s all).

You can use special tools that will help you spend less online:

Priority List

Now that the online offers aren’t a danger anymore, let’s go to the next step. You can use a pen and paper or a note list in your phone, and write down everything you need in the next month.

Before going ahead to buy anything, check the list and see if you truly need that item. It can be life-changing. Or at least money saving.

Payment Details – DeleteĀ 

When you purchase something from a site, it usually saves the info when you choose that option and it makes the next purchases automatic and so hard not to press Finish Order.

That’s why, by deleting your payment details you’ll have time to think if you really need that item by the time you reach to type the 3rd number from your card.

Waiting Lists

If you really need an item (or you think that), put it on the waiting list or on your favorites and give it a week. You’ll have a clearer mind after that period and see if that item is necessary or it was just a shopping rush.

Even if we sometimes need to do some self-care, this can be done without emptying your wallet equivalent of a monthly paycheck. A walk in a garden, bubble bath, and candles or simple things can relax us much more than items that will be stored and forgotten immediately in a closet.

In order to spend less online, we can start by applying these 4 easy methods.


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