Having credit card debt is one of the most enslaving feelings ever. You’re stuck in a loop until you pay it and it postpones your dreams and goals. Though paying it fast may seem tricky, bt there are certain ways where you can get rid of it by building a system that will work or you.

The Federal Reserve reported that the average household has a $16.000 credit card debt which is enormous if we realize that almost every family in US is prevented from being totally carefree through this action. That’s why I created this section where you can learn how to legally eliminate credit card debt with tested methods:

1.  Lower Your Interest Rate

One of the most essential steps in escaping from debt is reducing your interest rate. The average interest rate is somewhere around 15%, and if you’re having more than $5000 in credit card debt, you should think about paying more at once.

By reducing your interest rate, more of your monthly payment will be forwarded towards the debt, and not the interest part.

Find the best bank to suit your needs. Birch Finance is a tool that will help you compare all banks based on your card needs so you could make the best choice.


2. Saving Up Is An Art

Though we might believe we know how to save up, only a few of us can efficiently do this. And all according to carefully planned financial lists.

We covered this subject multiple times in the saving money section, and if it were to give an advice, it would definitely be the Saving Money System with the 3-Minute Plan. It really works and programs your mind to think every financial move you make, from loans to a simply cappuccino purchase.


3. Cut Expenses Even More 

This comes to complete the saving up section, and because cutting off expenses is a habit that needs to be practiced.

You can do it all by yourself and it will take months. Or you can use an app that will automatically do everything for you.

Trim is such a tool that will help you save up to hundreds per month and even negotiate your utility bills in order to help you eliminate credit card debt.

4. The Legal Helpers

This company is a life saviour as it can help you eliminate debt absolutely legally. Their work is split in 2, under Chapter 7, if you have smaller debt and they can help you clear it. Or under Chapter 13, where you’re having larger amounts. The Legal Helpers can help you “manage larger debts without liquidating your assets”.

5. Bring Extra Income To The Table

Earning extra money can be a really great way of paying your debt more easily. There are several ways on how you can do that.

You can take an extra part-time job, but if you don’t have the time, there are a lot of other options available too.

You can borrow your tools and cars for a small fee in the neighborhood, arrange garage sales, promote your skills on sites like Craiglist and have 2-3 activities per week that will bring some extra cash.


6. Relax and Earn in Your Spare Time

And if you don’t find showcasing your skills and earning some extra bucks enough, simply relax doing surveys while watching TV or before going to bed. It can be a daily 5-minute activity that would bring $50-$250 per month. The secret is to blend more survey sites and choose an average of 10-15 per month.

Check our Top 10 Paid Surveys as well as our Secret Survey Sites that people weren’t aware of. And if you want to see the whole list of survey sites in the US, go here.

You have many options to eliminate credit card debt, and you can take it step by step. There are always more solutions to a problem, so everything’s under control. Stay tuned on Inbox Research to find out more ways to pay loans, to earn and save money and so much more.

Credit Photo: Unsplash/Sharon McCutcheon

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