Electricity is maybe the most important part of our home, easing our lives in ways we wouldn’t be able to live without. On the other hand, electric bills are the less pleasant part of the affair that comes at the end of the month.

However, there are ways you can be really productive and not waste electricity in your home:

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1. Wash full loads of clothes and dishes only. By putting into function the wash dishes or washing machine you consume a lot of water. By not filling them at full capacity and using them multiple times you will waste water and electricity that will only add to your bill. Save $5-$10 every month.

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2. Plug off electronics after using them. Or, if you have multiple in the same room, plug them in a power strip and turn it off when not in use. It saves a little energy this way, but this will add on the other ways where you save money.

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3. Replace normal bulbs with LEDs ones. You will save 80% more energy by using them and their price is really reasonable, almost as much as a traditional one. Considering you’ll save $20 annually per light bulb, let’s say you’ll totally save $100 on your home per year.

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4. Replace old electronics. Newer appliances are always designed to be much more energy efficient. According to endesaclientes, newer electronics save anywhere between 30%-60% energy and up to 90% for laptops and computers.

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5. Lower the thermostat. By setting it to 120 °F you will save money. Per year, for any 10 °F you cut down you save energy and $15-$30.

Pro Tip: When you raise the temperature, do it slowly. If you raise it quickly, the heat strip will activate itself and this will add to your bill.

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6.  Don’t use a screen saver. While it will consume the same amount of energy as when you use it normally, putting it into sleep mode will help you save about $30 per year.

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7.  Wash laundry with cold water. Current clothes detergents work equally with both cold and hot water. Plus, you will save $55-$70 annually.


Bonus Tips to save energy in your home: 

8. During holidays replace traditional decorations with fiber optic ones. They are super economical and the Christmas utility bill will not overcome the normal monthly amount.

9. Unplug battery chargers when the batteries are fully charged. Many models draw energy continuously, so you can cut this off too.

10. Air dry clothes in order to save up some power.

11. Cook in the oven with your door closed. Keeping it open can make the temperature drop with 25 degrees each time you open the oven door.

12. Choose to insulate hot water pipes. this decision will help you have water with 4°F hotter than if you wouldn’t insulate them.

If you start doing all these actions throughout the year, at the end, when you’ll draw the line, you’ll observe you’ll save up an average of $350. So not only you’ll save energy and the environment too, but you’ll wake up with a fuller wallet.


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