Studies have shown we spend huge amounts of water in our homes. We can start using it efficiently and save both money and our environment.

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1. Use low-flow showerheads. While normal showerheads make you waste a LOT of water without noticing, showerheads with a flow rate under 2.5 gpm will help you enjoy your shower in an optimum mode.

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2. Close water while brushing teeth. When you leave the water running, you waste an average of 2.5 gallons per minute, according to National Geographic. That’s a huge amount. Turn on the water only when it’s time to rinse.

  • Do the same while washing hands. While you’re scrubbing hands keep the water closed.

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3. Fix your leaks. If you’re good at it, do it yourself, if not call a professional in order to not make things worse. You can survive with a leak for months, but what we don’t realize is that through it money leak too, more than calling a plumber.

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4. Invest in future savings and to help the environment too. Buy low-flow toilet, opt for a water sense rated dishwasher and washing machine and in a couple of years by saving water you’ll get your investment back and have a minimum water bill.

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5.  Water plants in the morning or in late evenings. The tip to save water is to not see and feel the sun shining powerful outside. So when it’s chili outside it’s the perfect time to water them as water won’t evaporate. P.S.: By watering plants in the sun you risk creating mold growth.

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6. Put a rain barrel in your backyard. It’s a smart way to save lots of money on watering your garden and you can apply any kind of design you want and make it a piece of decoration in your yard. You can place one under each roof pipe so you could optimize the use of rainwater at maximum.

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7. Go to a car wash. Instead of doing it yourself, opt to make a monthly subscription to a car wash that recycles water (so you’ll support Mother Nature too). Not only that you’ll save water, but it would be faster and save more money than you think.




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