Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your projects from work, home, and personal ones? Do you often wake up that you can’t accomplish everything you want within a day?
Big coaches like Brian Tracy have accentuated that productivity is strongly related to how organized we are. Here are guaranteed ways to increase productivity at home and work:

1.  Split a Big Project into Smaller Tasks

Having a big project can give you headaches and make you wanna take a nap instead. When you are in this situation, split the projects into parts and allocate a certain time to each. This way you will concentrate on every task individually and take it one step at a time.

2. Don’t Multitask

Even if your tasks seem easy, don’t do more than one at a time. You will end up confused and lose the clarity and perspective. The neuroscience professor Earl K. Miller affirmed that  “multitasking is not humanly possible.” Not even if it’s about eating lunch and taking a look over a list.

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3. Little Breaks

In order for our creativity to function at full capacity, we need to take breaks to allow our brains to rewire and not stagnate. There are more ways you can spend your 5-10 minutes that will allow you to concentrate better. You can walk, exercise, connect with nature, have lunch, take a nap.. or a snack. By not thinking on your ongoing project and take a 5-minute break from it is one of the best ways to increase productivity at work.

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4. Priorities

Create a list with all tasks you need to finish throughout the day, from work to home and chores ones. Put the biggest ones first and leave the ones that aren’t really necessary in the end.

5. Reward Yourself 

If there are tasks you don’t like, trick your brain into rewarding yourself with a healthy snack or a 5-minute break listening to your favorite song, or something similar. I’m saying healthy snack because you don’t want to end obese by rewarding yourself with hamburgers after each small not so pleasant task.

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6. Feeling Inspired? Take Action

Sometimes we put aside our goals because we don’t have the energy, creativity or time. If you’re feeling inspired, no matter if it’s 2 A.M. in the morning, wake up and take notes on stay at least half an hour concentrating on your dream or goal. You’ll have more results in that amount of time than in months of brainstorming sessions.

7. To-Do Lists

We already talked about noting all your tasks. let’s be practical now and before closing this article, to do something productive.

For example: Write 10 to-do things from which 5 are essential, 5 are not so urgent. Split the bigger ones in smaller ones.

  1. Finish the website at work
    A. Do the banner
    B. Choose the color palette for the site
    C. Chose the final font
  2. Finish the paperwork, etc.

So we’re having 5 bigger tasks you can’t postpone for the next day and 5 that aren’t so important like doing the laundry in a certain day. Try to finish them all but you won’t feel bad if you can’t finish the small ones but feel a big accomplishment if you do them all. One of the most important ways to increase productivity and confidence at the same time.

To-Do Lists Apps: 

  • ToDoist– unclutter your program, you can add tasks while offline too.
  • EverNote– Remember everything, add links, checklists, tables, attachments, and audio recordings, etc;
  • RememberTheMilk– An app created by created disorganized people to help all disorganized people in the world. Created in 2004 after the launch of Gmail.
  • TickTick– an app perfect for tasks and subtasks.
  • GoodTask– Write your to-do list which will be automatically arranged in a calendar.
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