In this Business Hour, we’ll talk about the workshop of the Wealth Experts and how to achieve clarity and seal deals with BIG clients. Taylor Welch and Chris Evans are the founders of a system that teaches people how to get over their insecurities and aim for the clients they dream of.

They speak about 3 main ingredients:

1. Crafting a 7 Figure Offer

They begin by letting us know they’ve both been there, in the place where you feel you can’t connect with the clients you want and work many extra hours without visible results.

The sad fact about most experts is their belief they feel they have to settle where they’re at. You feel you have to take in sucky clients. Maybe you work more to many hours for a penny instead of a dollar”.

In order to have a tool or service you’ll offer and receive 7 figure amount, you need to think big.

You must bring clarity, and bring one important thing“, they say. Don’t clutter your offer by putting a lot of tools in there but concentrate on 1 powerful offer that will bring value to your value.

That service you’re providing must be clear, primary and give a lot of value to your client. It shouldn’t exceed 4 or 5 elements. It should be the bridge from where they are to where they want to go.

2. Three Stages of Opportunity Control

How to connect with your dream clients, then?

There are 3 ways:

  • “Gather the Unaware”- people who are unaware of you or what you can do for them.
  • Take them into your “Ecosystem”.
  • “Pre-Convert and invite them to get YOUR help if they want it.”

Now unrelated to this workshop, I saw a lot of workshops and CEOs so wanting to get clients that they became pushy. Of course, you want as many as you can take, but if you’re desperate, they will definitely feel it. 
The one thing you should concentrate on is on YOUR confidence. Be sure you have a great service and be confident about it. Don’t exaggerate and learn how to present it in a way that a potential client wouldn’t be able to say no.

Let’s get back to the third point:

Third Element of the Wealth Experts

You will get clients for life. By offering a solution to their problem and making them happy. How to do that. Change your thinking by putting their needs before your own. That’s essential and we know these 2 guys know are the real deal because all millionaires say that in their coaching books.

You can’t make good money if you have only your interest in mind. Think big, but think how you can help others people in BIG unique ways rather than how you can make large amounts of money and that’s it.

One more jewel they share with us:

“The better you charge the better quality client will come.”

For people interested in the Wealth Experts workshop, go to this link.

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Rawpixel

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