You know how hard it is to receive financial help when having a disability. Fortunately, there are ways through which you can receive help in obtaining the disability benefits.

 Social Security Disability Insurance

Over 8 million individuals receive benefits through this program every year. Through them, you can receive financial assistance. As the whole process can be a long complex process, I’ve simplified it so you could apply on the spot.

1. Social Security Disability Benefits

This program will pay monthly benefits to people unable to perform normal activities. In order to qualify, you must have worked in jobs covered by Social Security.

You have here their definition of disability.

When to Apply

In order to qualify for this kind of benefits you should:

  • Be unable to perform the actions you previously did at work;
  • Be proven that you cannot apply to other kinds of jobs;
  • The condition to be expected to last from 1 year to the rest of your life;
  • Have enough credits to qualify for SSDB.

Find all the info you need here.

Benefits and health coverage continue until you are able to work again on a regular basis.

2. Supplemental Security Income

Through SSI you can receive disability benefits based on your income. Targeted people are those with low-income and is based on their financial necessities.

When to Apply

You can qualify to receive these benefits if you:

  • Are 65+, blind or disabled;
  • And with low income;
  • Have limited resources;
  • Are a U.S. citizen or national, or foreigner who is not subject to an active warrant for deportation;
  • Is not absent from the country for a full calendar month or  for 30 consecutive days or more;
  • Meets other requirements.

You are considered to have low income if you receive under $2,000 for an individual or child, or under $3,000 as a couple.

Find all the details here.

Tools to Help You Apply for Disability Benefits: 

Annually, millions of people apply to receive disability benefits, which can be a long exhausting process and you might lose yourself between the rules and papers. By following these next steps you will be able to understand easily how to apply fast:

  • A checklist provided by the Social Security Administration to help you have all the necessary info to complete the form;
  • A Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool created to come to your aid to understand to which benefits are you eligible for;
  • The online spot to Apply for Disability Benefits where you have all the info, or you can go in person after making an appointment at your local Social Security office.

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