Getting your perfect job isn’t the straight line our parents or grandparents used to follow. Everything’s changing so fast in every domain that now it’s a normal thing to not stay in the same job for decades or even for the whole life. Now, for many people getting the dream job can seem an overwhelming unclear path. But it’s actually not. Let me clear things up so you can follow a pattern that will lead you where you want to be.

1. Getting Started 

Maybe you don’t have a clear image on what you have accomplished, where to go next or are just feeling stuck. You can be unemployed or unsatisfied with your present position.

First of all, don’t worry, absolutely everyone experiments this in a certain period of their lives.

How to clear your mind when you don’t have a purpose: 

  • Go on a trip. Solo or with your friends. By seeing new places, especially nature too, your brain will feel refreshed and rewired to view your situation from a totally new perspective.
  • Do a good deed. Help a friend or offer yourself as a volunteer for a cause you support. By concentrating on other things than yourself, you will take a break from overanalyzing your problems, and concentrate on the opportunities or solutions when you come back.
  • Do healthy activities for an optimum level of energy. Sleep 8 hours, eat healthy meals, drink lots of water and do 30 minutes of sport every day. Especially when we’re emotionally challenged, keeping our body healthy will help us improve our mood and find solutions quicker.
  • Do a daily 15-minute meditation. It’s easy and will completely remove all your fears away.

2. Become Aware of Your Value. 

Take a piece of paper or do a sketch with your accomplishments on your paper. Set to create 15 milestones (events, courses, certificates, people, etc) that helped you get where you are today and note these points chronologically.

Add small points for other smaller experiences, jobs or persons that lead you to where you are now. After seeing the complete map of your life, take out the skills and write them in the order you are good at them the most and write the percentage as well.

3. Where to Head Next

Concentrate of the first 5 skills and think which ones are your passion?

Then think about what other courses or people can help you improve even better those skills. Draw 5 more milestones and write down the activities that would make an expert out of your skills. Add a certain deadline on each and make sure you put aside the money you need for those certain classes, training or what you choose to follow.

Whatever you think it’s going on in your life, never panic. You’re on the right path and can easily progress. Fear will always make things seem bigger, but after relaxing you’re going to easily create the road to the perfect job, in 7 minutes.

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Saulo Mohana

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