Amazon has become the ultimate way to get cool stuff on your front door, quick and easy, with a single click. A study has shown that “Amazon is the top starting place for online shoppers“, beating even Google in this area.

We all love great deals, right? But when it comes to free stuff, you don’t want to miss these Amazon free stuff:

1. Free Space

Anyone needs more space on their laptop. That’s where Amazon Cloud Drive comes very handy. You have a lot of options to share your photos, including, of course, Facebook.

If you’re also a Prime member, your photo storage becomes unlimited, plus a 5GB of storage for videos or other documents.

2.  Free Items

You can receive a really wide variety of free products that can be redeemed with Amazon Points. These credit card points can be used from a lot of cards- American express membership Rewards, Cashback Bonus from Discover, Chase ultimate Rewards Rewards Visa Cards and others.

It’s a simple procedure: just select the “points” option when checking out. You can also opt to pay only a part of your order, it’s ok to not have all the points.

3. Free Albums

If you’re an Amazon veteran, you surely know about this section here: nothing less than Amazon Free Albums. You can get a lot of actual music, and a wide range of genres, from Pop to Heavy Metal.

4. Free and Cheap New Music 

We all like music. But if you’re always in search of new singles and singers, you have another option to get free music from Amazon. All you need to do is type “Artists to Watch in the search box and you will get a long list of really cheap songs or free (for Prime members or free for a 30-day trial).

Another place where you can listen and download free music is the Free Singles section.

5. Free Movies and Shows 

As well as the free music, the same option you have available for Movies and Shows. You can either test an unlimited number of movies and TV shows when entering the 30-days trial for Prime or directly becoming a Prime member and have an all-time unlimited way to this section.

6. Free Books

If you’d rather prefer the book than the movie adaptation, we’ve got good news: among the Amazon free stuff available, you can go for free books also. Simply go to the Kindle Store and type free books. You’ll find thousands of free titles, and you can even opt for a top 100.

7. Free Shipping

The option we all want to catch. If Amazon has oscillated in the past about the minimum amount you have to pay to have free shipping, now it reached its lowest point. Simply add products that sum $25 and you don’t have to pay the shipping at all. 

And if you’re a Prime member you have the free shipping option included plus it arrives at your house in 2 days.

8. Students Get It All 

Did you know about the Amazon Student Benefits? You get free shipping within two days and all Prime benefits like total access to movies, music and much more. On top of that, you’ll also receive college deals & exclusive promotions.
The Prime trial for students is available for a full 6 months and after this period, Amazon cuts in half the Prime subscription fee.

Now that you have the full list, you can take a whole evening for yourself to experiment with these Amazon free stuff options, like movies and music night, maybe along with a delicious glass of red wine. Cheers!


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