Searching for a job can be really stressful and might push you out of your comfort zone until you have a secure post. Until then, looking for both a satisfying paycheck and a friendly environment can be quite a challenge.

Let me help you with some advice that could define your position there. By knowing what you shouldn’t do at an interview, you’ll have the freedom to concentrate after only on the Shouldn’t and combine them with your unique personality.

1. Panick.

If you’re quite a shy person or simply freeze in stressful situations, interviews, and exams, it’s perfectly understandable.
But by being quiet, look other way and giving only monosyllabic answers, even if you’re having excellent recommendations and a complex activity in your C.V. you’ll give the impression you won’t be able to perform the tasks you’ll need to do at your new job.

Remember that interviewers are people, too, and prefer to see you succeed. Think of them as a friend, rather than a stranger and imagine yourself how would you speak to your bestie about your skills and qualities. You’d be totally relaxed and full of confidence, right? Now take that feeling and apply it when entering the office.

Also, affirmations can help. Rather than believing you’re not good at interviews (as I saw many people), adopt a positive attitude. Remind yourself you have all it takes and you’re a fast learner, too. Remember to breath deeply and look the interviewer in the eyes. It is ok to be nervous, but you’ll do a great job.


2. Overconfidence

Being confident it’s a great quality, but don’t overdo it in an interview. If you’re relaxed, that’s a big bonus, but don’t dominate a conversation. A friend of mine told me about an interesting man whom she interviewed. He walked into the room, shook hands, presented himself and sat down before she had the chance to invite him. He then took over the conversation, telling stories about him and trying to prove he’s perfectly qualified for the job. She had time to put only one question in a whole half an hour and assisted to a perfectly learned speech.

Interviewers like capable people and though we all want to prove these qualities, they also want people who can team up with colleagues for projects. Individuals that can be creative and do a project all by themselves, but that could also listen to indications and apply them.


3. Only the Best About Anybody

Now maybe you had terrible colleagues or your last boss did many unfair things and you would like to explain all this to your interviewer. Well, DON’T! That’s a huge minus if you start throwing the bus other people just to create a more positive image about you or to explain anything. Remember that making someone looking bad never made anyone looked good.

Interviewers want people that would integrate perfectly in their team, and by being negative in the first hour spent there, you’ll never make a good impression. No matter if you were right about all these previous things. Simply go general and explain that this new job sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, rather than explaining that you’re leaving a horrible position in the search for a better one.


4. Not too Casual

Now many companies don’t have a strict dress-code and everybody adopts a casual style there. Usually, creative businesses do that, allowing their members to be more relaxed.

Before going to the interview find out if the company’s dress code is strict or casual and make sure your clothes are clean, that your hair is freshly washed and your personal hygiene is on point. No matter if you could dress more relaxed, the first impression is essential. Remember that casual doesn’t mean sloppy.


5. Focus on Company’s Goals

Of course, you want to know your salary, info about sick days, health insurance and other important stuff. Now let’s imagine if you were the interviewer. Would you hire a person who’s only questions are about himself and his benefits, or a person who wants to know more about the company and how he could become an important asset to it?

Pro Tip: Instead of showcasing your best skills, do a little research prior to the interview. Find out what the company needs and accentuate how well you’ll be able to perform the tasks needed in the company.

6. Bonus Point

I’d rather state the obvious than not helping you have an immaculate interview. At some point, the interviewer might be interrupted by someone in the company, you might be left alone in the room, or they might start discussing an urgent matter. No matter how little they concentrate on you, never, under any circumstance don’t take your phone out of your pocket and start scrolling. Or playing Farmville or ANY. OTHER. GAME. It’s better to leave it in your suitcase or bag rather than in your pocket. And remember to put it on silent. You don’t want to wake up with a call during your interview.

That’s all. Be truthful, enthusiast and positive. No matter the result, it’s a step towards your progress and you should be proud of you.

So let’s recapitulate: 

  • Clothing: find out the dress clothes but concentrate to have a perfect hygiene
  • Do some research about what they do and what they need
  • Concentrate on what you can give to the company rather than what they can offer to you
  • While being asked about prior employers, speak only the best about anybody
  • Being nervous is normal, they can understand that but don’t be totally quiet
  • Repeat the things you want to say with 24 h before the interview so you’ll have more confidence
  • NO phone allowed?

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