Being a mom means a lot of responsibilities. When your income is minimal you’re always stressed about providing your children the necessary things. Below are the best resources regarding financial help for moms, in order to make it easier for you and find it all in one place.

Resources for Moms with Low Budget 

  • IWPR 
    This site is a jewel filled with valuable information. It’s a leading company in the U.S. talking and analyzing woman’s rights, equality, health, education and much more and making important steps towards positive changes.

  • NWLC
    The National Women’s Law Center tracks laws and policies that favor families and women. It provides a varied section of articles and reports about family tax credits, family support p[rograms and other essential details. It also has a Poverty and Income Support department.

  • Single Mother Guide 
    A powerful resource with financial help for moms and dads, as well and useful articles about single parenting.
  • Single Mother Help
    If you’re a single mother this is the place to go for all kinds of details regarding grants, tax, education, job programs and much more.
  • Women Employed
    This site is all about job opportunities for women and increasing their chances for a workplace.
  • Single Mommie
    This resource for single mothers includes info about scholarships, grants, financial help, government programs and more.

    A site about moms and moms to be, and general parenting with a lot of useful info.
  • Cooking Matters 
    A place with a lot of incredible recipes on the budget for parents. They own the No Kid Hungry program whose goal is to provide nutritious food to low-income families.

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