It’s easy to get caught in our daily routines and spend more money than we were willing to spend. No wonder we wake up with an emptier wallet after unnecessary fees, morning beverages, and other details you often aren’t aware of.  If you want to have more money at the end of the month, you might want to check out these 10 habits.

1. Online Shipping

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Nowadays there are so many promo codes and discounts, that it’s hard to resist. Many companies offer free shipping (especially when you exceed an amount or choose a premium membership), so better save up items on your wishlist until you make the amount for free shipping. Why pay the shipping fee 2 or 3 times instead of ordering more products?

2.  Negotiate Your Bills 

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Are you spending too much money on your electric or cable bill? Does your credit card go empty and you have no idea where a large part of your money went? Having old subscriptions you want to cancel? Better use an app that analyses where every of your penny goes.

My personal favorite is Trim, as it automatically negotiates my bills and asks me if I want to cancel subscriptions I even forgot I ever sign up for. Just in the first month I saved $130 with it, that’s pretty good in my humble opinion.?

3. Choose the Cheapest Home Repairs 

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Or better do them yourself. If it’s something you can do it, don’t pay big bucks to a person that will do the same thing as you.

But in case complex things such as roof or windows broke, make sure you make the best deal and pay the lowest price in town. And I mean quality and price at the same time. For example, sites like Roofing Cost Guide or Window Remodel Connection will compare all the companies available for these services and provide you with the best feedback. So you’ll end up saving time and money.

4. Student Loans

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Student loan is among of the main reasons Americans have debt. But there are ways to lighten your burden, by doing more payments before the consolidation. Make sure you do some thorough research before dashing into starting one.
Another way to save money and a lot of years of payments are scholarships. Nowadays anyone can apply for them and there are dozens of organizations giving them. Give it a try and see if you qualify to receive $6,000 for DegreeSnap or finding the right school and specializations in minutes, everything paid through Degree Explore.


5. Free Products 


Why spend money on new items if you aren’t sure if you want to buy it? Ask for samples, you will surely get one, online or in stores. And if we start speaking of free products, you can receive samples from so many sites you won’t have to buy skincare or home maintenance items for months. Try sites like Ilovesamples, Sample&Savings,   SummerSamples, or WinterSamples.

If all this sounds good and want more on free products, check out this article: Receive Free Cameras, Ipods, Beauty Products and More from These Known Brands.

6. Free Kids Items

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Let’s continue our free products list with the kids stuff. Did you know there are sites where you can save money big time? Meaning you can receive anything from diapers, baby food up to strollers and other expensive baby items? Yeah, I know, sounds too good to be true.

But IT IS. Look at EveryDayFamily and Enfamil, where you’ll automatically get products summing $400 or diapers for a whole year.

Want more? I’ll give you more!? Moms’ Guide: 23 Ways to Save Money When You Have a Baby (+Freebies for Mommies)

7. Dry Cleaning 

I know, you’re taking out your clothes to dry cleaning because you’re busy and can’t afford to lose time on this things. But wait a sec, do you know how much money are you spending on dry cleaning? Add the gas cost for the road too. If you want to avoid ironing, here’s a trick: immediately after you got them out of your washing machine, shake them well to get the last drops out and the wrinkles will automatically disappear so you won’t have to iron 90%. But who does that today, anyway? Resume: save money by not taking your clothes to dry cleaning.

8. Morning Coffee

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Don’t worry, I’m not saying you have to give up your morning delightful routine and stop drinking your delicious energizer. No way! But I want to make you more aware of how much money we usually spend on it. How much does your morning coffee cost?
Really? Now multiply it by 20.
Done? Now multiply it by 12. Here’s the amount of money you could save annually. Try making your coffee at home instead of hurrying every day into Starbucks. You could pamper yourself at Starbucks let’s say.. hmm.. once a week. What do you think of this habit change that would put more money into your pockets?

9. Holidays Shopping 

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Are there any big holidays approaching at the moment you’re reading this? Let me teach you a trick that will save you from a lot of headaches.

So, you know during the holidays prices go roof crazy up. Up up up even 10 times higher. So why buy flowers for Valentines on February 13 or 14 or buy Christmas presents a week before.

Take a calendar and note all holidays you have to buy presents for. Check them with red. Now, look in between these periods. What do you see? Large amounts of days without any price raising. Take a green marker and circle the weekend with a month before that holiday. Schedule it for the whole year. That’s one half an hour well spent.

10. Seasonal Clothing 

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If you’re a shopaholic like me, you know all this. Of course you have to have the newest arrivals and of course, they have a special shine when they’re in stores for 1-2 days. But if you want to save loads of money (and I mean it) practice patience. This is one monthly budget you could excel at.

If I could give you some advice about buying clothes, it would be:

  • Never buy full priced clothes;
  • Gain control over your habits and stop doing impulsive shopping;
  • If your item isn’t perfect, return it;
  • Shop on holidays only from the best dealers; they will fight over to win you with the best discounts;
  • Save lots of money by buying from the end-of-season sales.

It may not seem much, but if you start making small healthy financial habits, you will end up saving hundreds or even thousands per year. These 10 little changes will end up helping you achieve that dream vacation or car. What other ways to save money are your favorites? Leave a comment below, I would love to find out.

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