I believe we can choose happiness ourselves. And I strongly know that it’s true, the same way we choose our clothes, cars, partners.

Here, at Inbox Research we want to help you achieve everything, inside and out. We are showing you ways to earn more, how to upgrade your thinking, how to do your best at an interview and how to achieve success in life. But that’s not all. We want to help you have the best in all aspects of your life, as you can have every thing you always wanted, but happiness and inner peace are essential, too.

1. Observe Yourself 

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This is maybe the most important “secret”. We have loans, responsibilities, we hurry up, we try to do our best and we end up being overly stressed.

While dealing with fear, anger, depression and other similar feelings is easy to lose ourselves. We start acting mechanically, do what we have to do, but without being totally conscious of our (well) being. It’s like we run from ourselves and try to avoid these unpleasant feelings. It’s something that our mind automatically does.

So what to do? It’s much simpler than it sounds. All you have to do is to sit in a quiet place, take a few deep breaths and be aware of what emotions you hold at that moment.
Is it anger, pain, frustration? Then go a little deeper. Why are you feeling this way? (don’t let your mind fool you, it will always look for something/one to blame). What is the cause of your discomfort and what is the lesson you learn from it? I personally was in an unpleasant mood for weeks and couldn’t go out of it, until I allowed to feel what I’m feeling and why for 5 minutes. In 3 days I was totally happy again. So it’s simple.

Tips for keeping in touch with our feelings
In order to maintain our happiness and feel whole, we need to always totally be aware of what we’re feeling. You can do that in multiple ways: meditate, keep a journal, talk to a friend about your feelings, spend time in nature and every action that helps you feel your emotions the most.


2. Get Rid of the Old 

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By keeping resentments we only hurt ourselves. Forgiving and moving on is one of the most refreshing things we can do to liberate our soul. We aren’t always aware if we moved on, but it’s simple to find out.
At the end of the week (or day), take a moment to analyze the people you had contact with. What do you think when you think of them? Are you angry on any of them? Visualise him or her staying in front of you and tell them everything that hurt you. Make the decision to forgive them, for your own health.

Then do this with all people in your past, and you’ll see how at the end of this exercise you’ll feel so much lighter. Don’t forget to include yourself in the exercise, you deserve to be totally forgiven, too. This is a conscious step in helping you to choose happiness absolutely every day.


3. Make Yourself a Priority 

choose happinessPhoto Credit: Daria Shevtsova

With so many things to do and people to help, care for and love, we often forget to take care of ourselves too. Make a habit to have little rituals in which you pamper yourself and cherish the moments alone with yourself. Whether it’s the morning coffee, 5 min of meditation, a hot bubble bath or anything that pleases you. Have at least a few minutes daily for yourself and you’ll see how you’ll start feeling much happier.

Loving yourself is the first step before loving everyone around. Putting it into practice is much easier than we may think.

To choose happiness every day may like a quote from a romantic book or movie, but it’s totally do-able. By making small healthy habits you’ll see great inner changes very fast.


Let’s recapitulate: 

You can be happy every day by:

  • analyzing what you feel and its cause (5 min daily)
  • forgiving everyone that causes you anger, pain or resentments (10 min weekly)
  • make time for yourself and do the things that you love (at least 5 min/ day)

Implement these 3 small habits in order to choose happiness every day. It may sound easy, and it is, but the results are incredible. Start doing it today and see it for yourself.

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